First resident moves to “Pod” village

The key to accommodating the “pods” in the temporary housing area of ​​Wollong Bar was handed over to residents evacuated by an unprecedented flood.

Emergency Services Resilience Minister and Flood Recovery Minister Steph Cooke said this moment was an important milestone in the NSW Government’s $ 350 million housing response, supporting approximately 25,000 households.

“These keys mean more than the physical structure to unlock. They decide for themselves what the members of the flood-affected community will decide next and start rebuilding. It’s a safe, private and self-sufficient space during the deciding journey, “says Cook.

“The Wollongbar site has the capacity to accommodate up to 220 people and is only one of the 12 locations across the Northern Rivers region that will host the” Pod “village. “

Ms. Cook said that Wollongbar’s temporary accommodation is about 20 minutes from Lismore and Ballina.

“This housing solution allows people to move from emergency accommodation to a more stable environment that is expected to be used for up to two years,” Cook said.

“Our community housing provider, North Coast Community Housing, manages each” pod “village and ensures that people have everything they need, from access to support and engagement workers to functioning facilities. I am trying to do it.

“They work face-to-face with people and, in the face of difficult situations, look at ways to make this as seamless and normal as possible.”

Community members affected by the flood seeking housing assistance are advised to contact Service NSW at 137788. Alternatively, please consult the recovery center staff.

First resident moves to “Pod” village

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