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Tired of ridicule and covid? I thought so. Trent Dalton’s Antidote is a real-life love story smorgås board to make you grin and sob. Read his exclusive first excerpt here.

Tired of the cynical (and certain pandemic) world, best-selling author Trent Dalton asks 200 strangers “Can you tell a love story?” For two months in a simple and direct way. I asked a question.

The result was his new book, Love Story. Our most powerful human emotions. This first exclusive excerpt It’s just one of many stories he’s found, woven into a wonderful collection that looks at love from every aspect.

A cold morning breeze passes through the city and a large McDonald’s soft drink lid slides along Adelaide Street.The clear plastic lid seems to be rolling on it for a moment of magical tricks

Wheel-like sides of a wagon. These are John Lennon’s mornings in our lives. All you have to do is watch the wheels spin around.We all love to see them roll, but where do we find the sacred?

time? I think that writing a white album is what buys you. time.

Robert McCulley is taking his time because he bought it for a lifetime of work. He has a takeaway coffee on a bench seat on Albert Street and is waiting for an appointment at the Skin Cancer Clinic at 10:30 am. “There’s a little thing here,” he says, pointing to the peeling of the skin at the top of the nose. “It’s okay. They burn it.”

Monday. The first day of Robert’s retirement. He has spent the last eight years on Earth for 66 years, delivering letters throughout Brisbane on highly reliable motorcycles regularly serviced by his employer, Australia Post.

He loved being a messenger. He didn’t like anything other than giving a letter to the lonely old woman waiting by the letterbox, “To Grandma.” The letter of love was awesome. Everything marked “to dad”, “to mom”, “to pop”.

“One of the last sad things I started to notice was that no one seemed to be sending meaningful letters anymore,” says Robert. “You will sometimes see a letter addressed to you.

“Dear dad”, and you will think of the entire journey of that relationship between the sender and the receiver, the life they shared. “

Robert wears a gray T-shirt and shrugs. His hair is white and his eyebrows are black and bushy. “But now you’re only seeing invoices and corporate letters,” he says. “Romance is gone.”

But the messenger still knows one or two things about love.

For Robert, it is imperative that his skin cancer clinic appointments go smoothly today. Because it is imperative that he spend every day of his retirement life in good health beside him.

31-year-old wife Julia McCulley. He says that if I were lucky enough to meet Julia McCulley, I would understand how important this was to him.

“She is special,” he says.

“Why?” Please.

“Love chases around her,” he says.

I smiled at this weird line and retired postman Robert didn’t fully understand what he meant from the way I squinted, bit my upper lip and nodded my head. I know

“If you have a lot of love in your life, if you have a lot of love in the world, love will chase you,” he says with a smile. “It continues.”

And I like this concept. What if love was more real and visible than the physical one, rather than the idea?And I see Robert’s love version as floating in my head

Above us, I like the cartoon scented clouds that Pepé Le Pew follows through the woods. We all walk in invisible clouds, some of which are larger than others. Our clouds grow and expand with each small cloud they brush and chemically mix. That’s how Robert and Julia got together. He looked at her face. She walked forward.He followed her


“Compassionate people have this sphere around them,” says Robert.

“People feel it and they want to be part of that territory. How it works. That’s how compassionate people move around the world. That’s how Julia moves the world. How to move. “

*** ***

He was born in Wrexham, North Wales. His mother and father met on the Lexham dance floor. His father was a leather merchant. Robert was in school when he met his classmates.

Part of the dramatic society of amateurs. Robert wanted to be a PE teacher, but wanted to act immediately.He later landed a place in London’s prestigious

Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

“Do you know Julia Ormond?” Robert asks.

“I love Julia Ormond.”

“She is a friend,” he says.

“Do you know Alfred Molina?”

“Do I love Alfred Molina?”

“I went to drama school with them,” says Robert. “Do you know Art Malik?”

“Are you kidding?” I say. “Wonderful. The villain of True Lies. When Arnie launches a missile from the sky, it’s tied to that missile.” And now my best Arnold Accent. “‘You are fired’!”

“Art is one of my best friends,” Robert smiles.

He has played some great acting roles over the years. He once trampled the board with the late Alan Rickman. He starred in the first episode of the BBC’s science fiction show, Red Dwarf.

But the best gig he landed through acting was his lifelong beloved Julia McCulley.

It was in the late 1980s, when Robert starred in the production of Much Ado About Nothing at Williamson Park in Lancaster, northwest England. Julia was singing in the troupe’s choir. For a drink after a performance at a nearby pub called The Gregson, Robert sees Julia enter through the bar door, climbing the pub’s stairs like a bright red brown leaf and swaying into the dancehall upstairs. , Stood fixed. Her hair burned red in the fire of ancient Ireland, and Robert had to summon every sweaty hour of his Guild Hall School Acting Study just to play it cool.

“She went up the stairs and I followed,” he says.

They had two children. Boys and girls. They came to Australia via New Zealand. There, Robert managed to manage his full-time postman job and part-time acting job for five years.

Julia is one of over 300 hearing-impaired teachers working in Australia. Dedicated and timeless. She brings all the ounces of her love to her work and her students. Robert remembers the love he gave his son in the early battles. He eventually won against childhood cancer. Damn, now he hopes he didn’t mention C-word. Pancreatic cancer killed his father at the age of 56. Roberts’ mother died in England last year. Covid-19 was hell for him because it meant he couldn’t go home to bury his mother. All her belongings were sent to Australia and are now in a box in Kenard’s shed in Coorparoo, South Brisbane, where he cannot open himself.

“I will open all those boxes and see my mother’s life,” he says. “A mixture of all those emotions. Past, present, and possible future.”

But all possible futures are bright enough for Robert and Julia. They just sold their home in East Brisbane. They are making a fresh start on a hectare of land in Boonah, a town on the scenic rim of the countryside of Queensland. And true love will be a central theme for their coming months. Their son is about to get married. That was the worst thing, says Robert. His son fell in love with a woman who literally bumped into him as he walked down the street. Imagine an opportunity, Robert thinks. The horribly long odds of true love. His son literally stumbled upon such love. Timing miracle. It’s like waiting for your son’s love to be found, as if you were chasing him like a cloud all the time. Robert nods his head. “It goes on,” he says.

Trent Dalton’s love story, published by HarperCollins, will be available on October 27th. Pre-order now with Booktopia..Join the conversation and see what you think of this excerpt Facebook Sunday Book Club Group..

Initially published as follows How a star friend chased his heart

First excerpt exclusive to Trent Dalton Love Stories

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