Find someone who leaked a photo of an unedited bikini by Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashian family has launched a “full-scale hunt” for those who “leaked” a ferocious Chloe unedited bikini shot.

The Kardashian family has begun “full-scale hunting” for those who “leak” Chloe’s unedited bikini shots.

The· Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family Star, 36, is “angry” at the release of her unfiltered photo of her grandmother MJ posing in a poolside leopard print bikini.

One source told The Sun: “Of course, there is serious hunting. It’s not just forgotten.

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Kardashian family turmoil“The team is working on it-it may take some time, but they wanted to know who did this and upset Chloe.”

“The assistant who posted to MJ’s account made a real mistake, but since that account is private, one of her thousands of followers must have taken a screenshot of the photo from there. ..

Kris Jenner’s mother has been named the copyright owner of the photo in a statement shared by a lawyer removing Snap from Twitter.

The legal notice says: “We are advisors to Mary Joe’MJ’Shannon.

“A copy of a photo taken by our client of her family Khloe Kardashian in a private location (wearing a leopard print bikini) was illegally posted online without permission.”

The 86-year-old is the copyright owner of Shot, but it was Chloe’s team who posted it after the “misunderstanding.”

The sun asked Chloe’s representative for comment.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s crisis management team “I’m desperate to scrub unedited bikini photos from the internet,” he said.

According to the photo copy, it was deleted under a “legal threat” from the Kardashian riot team. Page 6.

Her team called Snap “beautiful” but explained that she wanted to go because she wasn’t allowed.

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Tracy Romulus, Chief Marketing Officer at KKK Brands, said in a statement:

“Chloe looks beautiful, but it’s within the copyright owner’s right not to delete images that he didn’t intend to publish.”

The Sun today revealed exclusively that Chloe is worried that the photo will “trouble” her for years to come.

Despite receiving an overwhelming number of positive comments about the image, sources say Chloe still considers himself a “fat sister” and longs for it to disappear. ..

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The insider said: “Chloe wants to put a photo down because she’s afraid to be annoyed by the photo for the next few years. Every time she posts her bikini photo, everyone says it’s real. Call her compared to “she”. fake.

“That’s a bad angle, but Chloe wants to delete the photo and stop the conversation.

“For years, she had to deal with what she always called her” fat days, “but it wasn’t really that big. It seems she still thinks she’s a “fat sister” or an “ugly sister”-and that’s definitely her weakness. She hates seeing pictures of “old girlfriends”. “

“For years, her self-esteem has been in a hurry, and every time she thinks she looks good, she will be compared to her stunning sister. Despite losing weight, it’s every day she loses weight. It’s the pressure I’m having. “

Chloe’s weight has been a hot topic since the first airing of the Kardashian family in 2007.

Having previously spoken about being a “fat sister” compared to Courtney, Kim, Kylie, and Kendall, she said:

“I didn’t think I was a fat sister until people called me that, and I didn’t think I was fat.” “

Chloe turned to fitness when her marriage to Lamar Odom broke down, and by 2018 she had lost three stones and completely overhauled her appearance.

Reality star with rumored fiancé Tristan Thompson and two-year-old daughter True has $ 136 million followers on Instagram and spends millions of dollars on sponsored posts and the Good American plug-in on the denim line. It is reported that he is earning money.

A Myprotein study in collaboration with Inkifi estimated that in May 2020, a single Instagram approval would allow a mother to earn $ 620,000.

This story originally appeared Sun It will be reissued here with permission.

Find someone who leaked a photo of an unedited bikini by Khloe Kardashian

Source link Find someone who leaked a photo of an unedited bikini by Khloe Kardashian

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