Federal Budget 2023: Birth Rates, Shady Immigration Agents, Czar of Slavery. what you missed.

Key Point:
  • The Labor Party passed the second budget bill.
  • People are deciding to retire later.
  • The budget also provides insight into Australia’s fertility rate.
Headings are: Budget surplus, a small JobSeeker boost, and easier hospital visits.
But budgets always contain quirky and serious things, things governments don’t want to make public.

This year we have insight into Australia’s birth rate, the impact on school trips to Questacon and the cost of WorldPride events.

Here’s what you missed on Tuesday night.

Australian population hit hard

Although people are returning sooner than expected after COVID-19, Australia’s population is set to be 750,000 fewer in 2031 than pre-pandemic projections.

The budget says it’s because Australians are having fewer babies than originally estimated before the pandemic.

people retire later

Although the population is aging, the costs of supporting the elderly tend to fall.

This decrease will be approximately $700 million over the next 12 months and $1.6 billion over the next four years.

The budget document said the main reason was that “some Australians approaching retirement age have chosen to delay their retirement”.

Chalmers insisted volatility was to be expected, but when asked if the difficult economic situation was forcing people to work longer hours, Chalmers told SBS News:[The budget] I will not go into such details. “

Dangerous transition agent at launch line

A crackdown on corrupt immigration agents comes years after the Home Office warned they posed a “high-risk” threat to the migration system.

Agents have reportedly targeted potential immigrants with fake application bonds, created fake jobs, or simply received money without doing a job.

Aptitude and aptitude testing for accreditation will be strengthened with a budget of $164.8 million over four years.

Will Australia return to Afghanistan?

Australia looks set to stay away from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan for the time being.

The country’s embassy was closed in May 2021 before a hardline Islamist group seized power in August 2021.

Russian Taliban representative in July 2021. sauce: SIPA USA / Sipa USA Kommersant

The diplomatic representative to Afghanistan was then transferred to Doha, Qatar, six hours away by plane.

And there is no sign of going back. The provisional site in Doha has been allocated more than $2 million annually.

“We are dealing with the current situation and obviously the assessment we have made is that it is not possible. [return] right now. However, we will continue to monitor these issues as usual,” Albanese told SBS News.

Will politicians get more staff?

All MPs get “additional frontline voter staff resources.”
This money equates to about $40 million annually, or about $175,000 per office for members of Congress and the Senate.

This could fund another staff member of the cross-venture who is unhappy about being spread too thinly.

Questacon’s school trip continues!

An important primary school field trip for thousands of students – Questacon in Canberra – is set to get a big boost.

The Science Museum will raise about $60 million over four years, and $15.2 million annually thereafter.

World Pride gets federal funding

A World Pride march across the Sydney Harbor Bridge attended by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in March received $900,000 in federal support.

A man smiles on a bridge in a parade.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese marches on the Sydney Harbor Bridge for equality as part of the 2023 WorldPride festival in Sydney in March. sauce: AAP / Stephen Saphore

battle of fake news

About $8 million has been spent over four years to combat disinformation and fake news on major social media platforms through the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

That money will begin to be deployed in time for the Voice to Congress referendum campaign later this year.

new slave emperor

$2 million will be provided each year to establish a new Anti-Slavery Commissioner.

Commissioners work across sectors and industries to crack down on modern-day slavery, including human trafficking, forced labour, and forced marriage.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/fertility-rates-dodgy-migration-agents-and-a-slavery-tsar-things-you-missed-from-the-bdget/3o5fcd1en Federal Budget 2023: Birth Rates, Shady Immigration Agents, Czar of Slavery. what you missed.

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