Fear of food shortage as “Pindemic” hits Britain

British supermarkets, wholesalers and carriers provide a stable food and fuel supply after the official health app has instructed hundreds of thousands of workers to quarantine after contacting someone at COVID-19. I’m having a hard time securing it.

A British newspaper published a photo of the cover of an empty shelf in a supermarket.

Despite the shortage of bottled water, soft drinks, salads and meat products, Reuters reporters said food is widely available at shops in London.

“We are very worried about the situation,” Secretary of Commerce Kwasi Kwaten told Sky when asked about reports of empty supermarket shelves in some areas. “We are monitoring the situation.”

He said he was unaware of the characteristics of Sky’s “naked” supermarket shelves.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s bet that so many people could resume the UK economy because they were vaccinated was hurt by the so-called “pindemic” where people were told by the app to quarantine for 10 days. It was.

The resulting significant headcount reduction has disrupted diverse sectors such as food supply, transportation, supermarkets, hospitality, manufacturing and media. To avoid confusion, many simply removed the app from their phone.

The British minister said the app played a key role in combating the virus epidemic, with more than 44,000 recorded on Wednesday and some workers playing a key role as the coronavirus infection surges again. States that it has made it possible to continue working.

Many companies said the situation was getting worse.

The UK food supply chain is “on the brink of failure” as the absence associated with COVID-19 exacerbated a serious labor shortage, a meat industry group said Wednesday.

Iceland, a supermarket group, said it had closed many stores due to a lack of staff.

“There are structural problems with HGV drivers for a variety of reasons, but of course they are exacerbated by pingdemic,” Managing Director Richard Walker told ITV. “Several availability issues are starting to occur.”

Andrew Opy, director of food and sustainability at the UK Retail Consortium’s Industry Lobby Group, said the government needs to act swiftly.

“Retailers and suppliers who have played an important role throughout this pandemic have been double vaccinated or COVIDed to ensure that the public’s ability to obtain food and other commodities is not compromised. You should be allowed to work only if you can test negative, “he said.

Fear of food shortage as “Pindemic” hits Britain

Source link Fear of food shortage as “Pindemic” hits Britain

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