Fallout in Adele’s interview sees Jema Collins’ article resurface

A very valuable interaction between journalists and reality stars resurfaced in a fallout from Matt Doran’s failed Adele interview.

An interview with a train wreck that ended abruptly when journalists admitted that they hadn’t read the book of British reality star Gemma Collins resurfaced following the revelations of Matt Doran’s nasty Adele encounter this week. bottom.

Channel 7 Reporter Doran was suspended for two weeks after admitting that she hadn’t listened to her latest album during an interview with singer Adele. 30..

NS Weekend sunrise The host flew to London for an exclusive interview with a 33-year-old musician on November 4, but reportedly offended her when he confessed that he hadn’t heard her latest material.

According to sources, Doran didn’t ask anything about the new music, when Adele asked, “What do you think of my album?” He replied: “I have never heard of it.” The Daily Telegraph report.

Sony subsequently banned the network from using interviews organized as part of a reported $ 1 million deal that included the local right to air the singer’s recent one-night-only concert special.

Doran said later Australian person He missed the email containing the album, claiming he was unaware that the album was sent to him.

He called it “the most important email I’ve ever missed,” and said, “I regret and explicitly apologize.”

Diva melted down in the middle of the interview

In the fallout, another example of a journalist who appears to be head-on to an interview that didn’t consume what was there to promote talent was turned to.

One example was an interview with The only way is Essex Star, Jema Collins, ended chat early after learning now Magazine reporter Haley Min wasn’t reading her new book, GC: How to become a diva.

But Min had not been sent an early copy of the book Collins had previously claimed to be “greater than the Bible.”

now In 2018, we published an interview preceded by a comment from Min, detailing her surprise that Collins didn’t want to discuss the content of her book.

“Despite the fact that a copy of the book hasn’t been sent (not yet released), Jema isn’t impressed to know that we haven’t read it,” Min wrote.

“And she doesn’t seem to understand the notion that it was written by her, perhaps a book about her. That is, she should be able to talk about it for hours.”

A full interview was published as the discussion unfolded, and Collins asked Min, “Have you read it?” Before Min answered, “No, I’m not, I’m afraid.”

“OK, so are you doing this interview without reading any research or books?” Collins snapped back.

In another question, Min asked Collins what the best advice she had in the book, but again she encountered a fairly hostile reaction.

“If you read it, you know, so … wait until you get a copy, and you’ll be able to accept the book. Investigate this book It’s difficult to do an interview if you haven’t, or haven’t been sent, “Collins said.

“I’m going to have them send me a book, and maybe we’ll do this at another time. We’re going to do a book interview, but you have a book in front of you Because I don’t know what it is. “

After the PR failed to try to get the interview back on track, Collins chose to call it quit.

“Okay, this was about books. Basically, the interview had to be about books, and nothing else,” she said.

“Darling, don’t worry. I’m going to have the book publisher send it to everyone who is interviewing the book. Thank you!”

Spread pages were widely shared on social media at the time, but this week they’re also getting a lot of attention on Twitter.

Three years after the trial, Min confirmed that he had not read the book yet.

Initially published as follows Interview with British reality “Diva” reappears after Matt Doran’s unfortunate encounter with Adele

Fallout in Adele’s interview sees Jema Collins’ article resurface

Source link Fallout in Adele’s interview sees Jema Collins’ article resurface

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