Failed SAICAC Case Component: Report

The State Parliamentary Commission has considered compensation and found that it is necessary to pay legal costs to those subject to numerous failed investigations or prosecutions caused by South Australia’s corruption watchdog.

The Commission investigated the damage and harm caused by several investigations initiated by the Independent Commission on Corruption. This includes many cases in which the indictment was withdrawn or failed in court.

“Many witnesses have told the Commission that they want to be fairly compensated for the way the failed IACC investigation ruined their lives,” the final report submitted to Congress said.

“They also say they want compensation for lost careers and lifelong health problems.”

In other recommendations, the Commission stated that a protocol should be established to publish details of where a person was exonerated.

“This will prevent a continuous loss of reputation for those who are not subject to harmful findings,” he said.

“We can timely restore an individual’s reputation and provide more information to the general public before the findings and recommendations are finalized.”

The Commission said its work related to some IACC investigations was dissatisfied with hostile behavior from many police witnesses, including refusal to answer questions and non-participation in hearings. rice field.

“The decision by witnesses not to provide evidence limits the Commission’s ability to fully consider all issues within its mandate,” the report said.

Failed SAICAC Case Component: Report

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