Everything you need to know about The Kid Laroy’s Australian Arena Tour

For a small percentage of Australian artists who have actually been able to break the mainstream music of the world, few have achieved it in the emphatic way that Kid Laroi has done in the last 12 months or so. .. His debut EP, F * ck Love, was praised by critics in late 2020 and reached number one on the ARIA charts. Shortly thereafter, a Gadigalland-born rapper departed across the Pacific and spent most of the Covid-19 blockade. Build friendships with new music and some of the most powerful names in contemporary music. In 2021, Laroy (real name Charlton Howard) was a time bomb ready to explode. In March, he starred in Justin Bieber’s Justice. In April he dropped a remix with Miley Cyrus. In May, he spent his time on millions of American television at SNL, shortly after signing a contract with super agent Scooter Braun. After that, something unthinkable for Australian artists happened. Laroy’s single “Stay” debuted at # 1 on the Billboard 100, with the rest of the hype pushing his EP’s third release, F * CK LOVE 3+: OVER YOU, to the top of the Billboard 200 album chart. I did. He is currently the youngest chart topper since 2015 and the first Aboriginal Australian to take the most respected throne in American music. Questions about Laroy’s Star Power went on stage with Beaver this week, and when played on MTV VMA, Gamilaraay’s rapper spent a year in hell, not just as one of Australia’s hottest musical outlooks. is not. , But one of the hottest in the world. Finally, the boy who left Australia with a big dream will return to Downunder as a true superstar. Laroy’s last Australian gig came when he was supporting Juice World on his 2019 Australian tour. Prior to that, he had never played a headline to a crowd of more than hundreds. Now his homecoming End of the World Tour is set to solidify his position as the arena headliner. Laroy’s 2022 Australia Tour will take you to all five major Australian cities and some of the country’s largest indoor arenas. The tour dates and ticket sources are as follows: Kid Laver-End of the World Tour Dates Thursday, May 26, 2022: Kudosbank Arena, Gadigalland, Sydney Monday, May 30: RAC Arena, Wajukunungalnation, Wednesday, June 1, Perth: Adelaide Entertainment Center , Caulna, Adelaide Friday June 3rd: Rod Laver Arena, Ulungeriland, Melbourne Monday June 6th: River Stage, Jagela Tabal, Brisbent Telstra Plus Tour pre-sale at 11am AEST on September 15th telstra. It starts with com / music. Open house tickets will be available on Handsome Tours.com from AEST on September 17th at 11:00 am. –Sign up for GQ Australia Daily to get the latest entertainment, style, fitness and business updates.

Everything you need to know about The Kid Laroy’s Australian Arena Tour

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