Everest 2021: Eduardo

In all the compelling stories that lead to $ 15 million Everest at Royal Randwick on Saturday, perhaps the oldest eight horses in the field, the little chestnut sprinter, on the richest lawn in the world. It doesn’t create as much talk as Lawiller, who drives victory. Race.

The fact that Rawiller is still in his mid-40s is a fruit in itself. He has more muscle than most other companions-a saint when it comes to driving to the line, but a sin when it comes to stepping on a scale.

Nash Rawiller is about to win his first

He also refused aesthetics to change his unparalleled riding style, just as his body stubbornly refused to beat him.

“I remember seeing Darren Beadman come back and trying to change his style for months, probably at the age of 23 or 24, as a kid,” says Rawiller. “You would have to ask him, but I wasn’t sure it worked for him.

“The other day was in the Moonee Valley. I told Greg Hall,” You tried to change your style, but I don’t understand. ” He was trying to get a more European ride. I don’t think either of them worked, and I think I went back to my original style and started kicking the goal.

“I’ve tried a lot and I think this is the best for me, but when I say that, every horse is different.”

“I’ve tried a lot and I think this is the best for me, but to say that, every horse is different.

Nash Rawiller

In Eduardo, Rawiller found his spirit animal. Rawiller won 6 out of 8 horse riding. No other jockey enjoys a better strike on their horses leading to Everest.

So why does Rawiller’s ferocious disgust near 180 centimeters work?

Well, the practice from an early age helped me. Before entering elementary school, Rawiller grabbed his father Keith’s gear, the Jump Jockey, sat on the edge of the Family Lounge and ran away with a whip. His brother Brad, his own successful Group 1 rider, and Todd will follow.

“They line up on the couch and just ask for it,” says Elaine, Rawiller’s mother. “As you can imagine, sofas are a long time ago.

Nash Rawiller won six races from eight rides in Eduardo.

Nash Rawiller won six races from eight rides in

“But when I look at Nash on horseback now, he has very long legs from knee to waist, so it doesn’t look bigger than any other jockey. It’s pretty short from waist to armpit. , When he puts his foot on the horse, he doesn’t look bigger than anyone else. “

Brazilian ace João Moreira, one of the world’s best and most compact riders, lost a race with a horse on which Rawiller rode in Hong Kong a few years ago. The margin was the nose. Moreira returned to the scale, saw a replay of Lawiller throwing everything into the kitchen sink and throwing it at the horse, and said, looking back. “No other jockey in the world has beaten me.”

Rawiller had a hard time starting his life in Hong Kong. Local Chinese media called him “Choufan” because he thought his riding was similar to a chef cooking fried rice in a wok. It meant an insult, but later became a word of love among the enthusiastic Hong Kong Panthers as Rawiller counterattacked for success.

Talking about Moreira’s praise, Rawiller takes a few seconds as usual on the other side of the phone line.

“Watch his hands rise straight up between the horse’s ears. He has longer legs, longer arms and longs to win than many other jockeys.”

Guy Water House

“It was great,” says Rawiller. “It was a good compliment. Many other jockeys don’t do it.”

Waterhouse saddles up Everest’s rank-outsider Embracer nods when Rawiller talks about his ability to win a close finish. This weekend could be a million dollar difference.

“When he’s on board, the adrenaline goes through Nash,” she says. “You love him at the finish. Watch his hands rise straight up between the horse’s ears. He has longer legs, longer arms and wins than many other jockeys. Longing for – always. ”

Kerin Makeboy, who has won three of Everest’s four editions and has played against Rawiller for years, says it’s not just his long limbs that set him apart from others. .. Makeboy has made a name for himself as a resident master rider. He knows best about timing.

Nashlow Willer stands almost 180 centimeters.

Nashlow Willer stands almost 180

“It all comes down to rhythm and balance,” he says. “Nash is pretty animated in the saddle, but when he does it, it’s all in rhythm with the horse.”

Perhaps Sydney’s best apprentice teacher, Hall of Fame Ron Quinton, laughs at Rawiller from his horse, “probably scaring life.”


“He may appear to be everywhere in them, but his numbers increase frequently on semaphore boards,” says Quinton.

Elaine is not afraid to admit that he thought the number of Rawillers had risen as a jockey 25 years ago.

She was very worried about his waste when he was 20 and thought he was seriously ill. His hair was starting to fall out and his fingernails had stopped growing.

It’s a turning point when he decides he has to admit to being a heavyweight jockey, and he promises himself not hunger, but the only way good eating habits can move forward. bottom.

“If I told me he was still riding at the age of 45 at the time, I would have laughed at you,” Elaine says. “Nash always had an incredible drive. If you don’t let him do something, you can’t let him do it. If he has a reason to do something, he can do anything. I always felt he would find his passion someday, and he found it.

“But I don’t know how he did what he did.”

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Everest 2021: Eduardo

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