Euro 2020 on TV: A gentle start for the BBC, but for Savage Digg at Boris Johnson | Euro 2020

Football experts can be an abominable fake. The BBC gave it an ominous reminder between them Euro 2020 At a preview show on Thursday, Gary Lineker said that Micah Richards knew a lot about North Macedonia and everyone in the studio, including Richards, fell in love with it. Apparently, the idea that a high-paying analyst could attack one of the lesser-known teams in the tournament was a great joke.

But that is the only anger in acceptable production, and to be fair, it is both the privileges and burdens of national broadcasters that must strive to meet everyone’s tastes.Including those who read SunAnd three years after the organ cleverly encapsulated the decline of civilization, Cesc Fabregas launched a news flash on the shirt that first appeared on the Bee panel that snapped him after a sudden dropout. There are still many from the Spanish World Cup team, saying: “The nightmare of the Cesc Fabregas World Cup continued when his flashy outfit was panned by fans. [on social media].. “

Well, Fabregas came back on Friday for BBC coverage of the first match of Euro 2020, and this time his shirt was unobtrusive. Are you happy now and tweet the sissy? It’s amazing.

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Fabregas has joined Alan Shearer, Rio Ferdinand and Presenter Lineker. The discussion was calm, measured and well informed. They chose a variety of players from Italy and Turkey to explain the characteristics of Giorginho’s pass and the strengths and weaknesses of Chaglar Soyunk’s defense. This is what former professional professionals are most good at.

Fabregas has identified Hakan Charhanoguru as a notable player. This is an increasingly stenciled team of free radicals. “Soccer has become a little robot,” he adventured. “Many coaches these days … they program you.” Ferdinand liked it so much that he immediately said the same thing.

Technology was used successfully in the way the BBC presented the team’s lineup before the kick-off. The player’s colorful rotoscoping proved that the art was advancing, but the A-ha video hasn’t been forgotten. For the kick-off, Lineker was handed over to a man in Gantry, Rome. Guy Mobley took the stage. “Jermaine Jenas is excited to be with me,” he announced. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, Guy,” admitted Jenas. It caught fire.

Rio Ferdinand gave the ball delivery vehicle a short savings. Photo: Valerio Pennicino / Uefa / Getty Images

Italy was so dominant from the kick-off that only 26 minutes later, Mobley suggested:

In general, Mobley is a solid and generous commentator who is willing to serve as an unobtrusive guide to action rather than trying to steal a show. Mobley was accurate even when he said to Leonardo Spinozola’s run, “He went too far and wasn’t enough at once.”

In Jenas, he has a sideman with a similar mind. Analysts aren’t proud to say the obvious, and it’s not too dim to explain the complexity. They will be a perfectly great company. And they line up each other. Jenas gave a gentle rebuke when one of the Italian players said, “I’m just on the road and I’m in Rome, so it’s going to be a straight road.” “It was cheap,” he joked.

Mobley may have been thinking about it when he shouted “Let’s ring the Italian warning bell!” In the 35th minute. When home team goalkeeper Gianluigi Don Narma is forced into a messy clearance. He may have been thinking about it, as some players had an angry look after the referee blew in half-time. “I have a little exaggerated passion before the player leaves the field,” he recalled.

During the break, the man in the studio summarized the proceedings without making a fuss. “Tactically Italy has sewn the game. They need to find the cutting edge,” said Ferdinand, who felt nonsense. Ferdinand said “sponsorship” when Lineker tried to riff a remote control car that delivered the ball to the center circle half-time before.

It’s time to report from near the Welsh training camp in Azerbaijan and cut into Robbie Savage. “It was the farthest place we could find to send you,” Lineker equipped. The barbarians slipped it. His eyesight was on another goal. If there was little discussion of the BBC’s coverage, except that it wasn’t lively, Savage seemed determined to deal with it.

“If Boris Johnson is watching, Wales is in the tournament,” he shot angry, if not surprised by the Prime Minister’s lack of attention to detail. “A little older Wales. Boris needs to understand that England was knocked out to Iceland in the euro and Wales advanced to the semi-finals.

Turkey's Merif Demiral scored an own goal to lead Italy
Guy Mowbray sympathized with Turkey’s Merih Demiral (left), Italy’s leading own goal scorer. Photo: Chris Rico / Uefa / Getty Images

Immediately after play resumed in the second half, Italy messed up a short corner. “I’m trying to see Roberto Mancini’s reaction to it,” Mobley revealed before vaguely. Ten minutes later, another Italian move collapsed, but Mobley’s excitement was rising. “Then the tie comes off and the sleeves go up!” He shivered.

Meanwhile, Jenas was frustrated that Turkey was playing like a chicken. “It’s like they have to stop!” He complained when the midfielder played the pass backwards instead of forwards.

When Italy finally started scoring, there was relief everywhere that their rule was rewarded. However, Mobley sympathized with Merih Demiral, who was punished for his sharpened physique by unintentionally pointing the ball at his own goal with his chest. “It’s a matter of having that stiff muscle,” Mobley said. “The ball bounces violently. I would have been fine.”

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Soon Italy added another goal and suddenly Mobley began talking like a telegram. “It doesn’t work with two people,” he trilled. “Turkey is in trouble now.”

Finally Italy got off to a more spectacular start I participated in the tournament more than the BBC, both of which were encouraging. Fabregas said he hopes the Italian approach will inspire others. “It shows that you win the game when you go for it and you have quality,” he said. Many want the BBC to keep their heads alive once England begins to move.

Euro 2020 on TV: A gentle start for the BBC, but for Savage Digg at Boris Johnson | Euro 2020

Source link Euro 2020 on TV: A gentle start for the BBC, but for Savage Digg at Boris Johnson | Euro 2020

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