EU lobbyists wage war with “non-European” Pfizer jabs

A lobbyist in Brussels has campaigned against the deployment of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine, arguing that it is inadequate in Europe, a new book by the inventor of Jab said.

Opponents told politicians last year that German company BioNTech shouldn’t order injection doses because it has partnered with a giant Pfizer in the United States rather than collaborating with another European-based company. It is said to have been.

Considered “non-European”: Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

According to a book written by journalist Joe Miller in collaboration with BioNTech’s founders Dr. Uğur Shahin and Dr. Osrem Turek, lobbyists named Pfizer “a microcosm of cold capitalism” and claimed: Did. European company, it’s 1 euro for Europe. If you give it to BioNTech, 50 cents will always end up in the United States. “

It is unknown how lobbying has affected. However, the European Union only ordered the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in November last year after the jab efficacy data was released. It was about five months after the United Kingdom and the United States.

Instead, Brussels is said to have endorsed the vaccine developed by the French company Sanofi and the German company CureVac. Neither is on the market yet.

The BioNTech boss claimed that there was a lack of support from the EU when developing the jab, and said the business felt “on our own”, according to the book. vaccination..


Germany finally provided BioNTech with a € 375 million ($ 605 million) grant last September. At that point, the company was already “a dedicated COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing site, spending hundreds of millions of euros on raw materials and manufacturing, and Europe’s first dedicated COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing site with few pre-orders from the EU itself.”

The EU also took longer to approve jabs than other countries. Jab has since been at the center of vaccine deployment. The European Medicines Agency has suggested that the procedure is taking longer than the UK pharmaceutical and medical product regulators as it required more evidence and safety checks.

EU lobbyists wage war with “non-European” Pfizer jabs

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