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England defeated as New Zealand gained an edge in the second test | England vs New Zealand 2021

Last week of the Lord, Devon Conway celebrated the century with a flashy loft flick on his square legs from his ankles for four seconds. At Edgbaston he shot a little earlier-he was 80 at the time-but the contacts were just as sweet and the shots were just as handsome. But this time around, it was Joe Root, who knew it might come, Zack Crawley, who was in a position to catch it, and Stuart Broad, a bowler seeking revenge. was.

This day was not an easy day for England. Most of it was spent in the field, most of it without any particular threat. And after Will Young was captured by Olly, tourists gathered in a great position behind 74 in just three wickets. Pope with short legs from Dan Lawrence from the last ball. But Broad was great, and he and Crawley could have easily dispatched Conway about four hours and 36 over earlier. By the end of Bowler’s work, he took two wickets and allowed 22 runs with 15 overs after he and Jimmy Anderson mercilessly offended Ross Taylor’s first 30 minutes.

Play began in England 258 for seven days, scoring as many points as possible while keeping the opponent’s man safely away from the strike, with speculation that Lawrence could move into one-day mode.

It happened that the opening exchange took very this form, but Lawrence was muted while Mark Wood struck bowling. When Wood put the first ball of the day’s sixth on the stump, Lawrence faced nine balls and scored only four, while he scored 25 from 21 deliveries at six boundaries. I got it.

Some of these shots (cover drive from Trent Boult, pull-off from Matt Henry) are very nice, and all of them are probably early in the afternoon when the Bermy army was fooled by the unpredictable bounce of inflatable watermelons. Short spell. England’s total of 303 was clearly substandard, 175 to 6, a decent result.

Broad is now working. By lunch, there were two bowling changes at Birmingham End while Broad was still running, defeating his teammates, even before the decision to infuriate and rejuvenate him. At lunch, New Zealand recorded 43 runs, 10 of which were away from Broad.

It was a great spell and was even more impressive for the strong swirling wind with the flag pointing next to the Hollies stand and the city center in an instant, and it ran at speed, Broad marched repeatedly to the end. His run-up with a lick that can only be stimulated by the recent heavy fines for slow overrates.

He had already dealt with Tom Latham. Tom Latham misses the straight and can’t be any more lbw. By the time Conway was involved in the fight, Crawley jumped forward from the second slip, reaching the ball shortly before it hit the ground. However, the batter was in his position, and when the referee referred to the upstairs decision, he gave a gentle signal that he was not out.

Devon Conway was a hit when New Zealand reached 229-3 in response to England’s 303 at Edgbaston. Photo: Tom Jenkins / Guardian

Broad was stunned, and of course: slow-motion replays are rarely kind to low catches, and these things had to be completely decisive now. Television umpire Michael Goff was one of the few who claimed that the ball was “very clearly on the ground.” This seemed a embarrassing interpretation given that the fingers were placed under the ball at the time. One of the things that Replay certainly didn’t offer was clarity.

It seems wise to be optimistic when they oppose you, as these are harsh calls that the referees are consistently struggling with. But it should be even more difficult when the batter scored a second-century score in the final match and was already well again. Broad’s first delivery of the day was greedily pushed through a toned cover. He was confidently determined more than once before the contested Catch Conway hit the wood border.

I don’t know what happened if New Zealand fell to 2 to 32 at this stage, but one of the reasons this moment is destined to be discussed was created by England to replace it with memory. There are very few things. In the afternoon session, there was only one chance to take the wicket, and Route dropped a quick catch on the first slip and saved Young. However, at the beginning of the 42nd time, two before tea, the balls were exchanged, which changed the fate of England. For the first 45 minutes after the break, Broad and Anderson got it and the crowd was completely under their control.

Olly Stone (right) reacts after Joe Root (left) drops Will Young.
Olly Stone (right) reacts after Joe Root (left) drops Will Young. Photo: Tom Jenkins / Guardian

Young scored eight points from the first 45 balls. He played cheeky and finally got there. In particular, there were some great drives from Ollystone in the middle of the afternoon. Broad found his edge just for the ball to land in front of James Bracey, Conway finally fell, and soon Taylor was all in the ocean. How the 37-year-old survived this period remains a mystery to everyone who witnessed it, and his degree of confusion was poor from Anderson, which was overturned only when Young began the review. Proven by the willingness to accept a lbw decision.

It seems that the poor days on the homeside were completely decent at this time, but on this occasion the cricket gods had other ideas. Unfortunately, beyond Broad and Anderson, England did not.

England defeated as New Zealand gained an edge in the second test | England vs New Zealand 2021

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