EML & Frollo reveals the future of money with EML Nuapay

With EML payment Fluoro Created a financial history with the announcement of EML Nuapay A suite of products that streamlines, enhances and personalizes the entire fast-growing NeoLender and NeoBank user journey by combining the latest innovations in open banking, personal finance management and payments with customizable solutions. In many use cases, the destructive duo removes friction from your lending journey, allowing instant decisions and instant access to money.

Open banking can be interpreted as a protest against traditional banking, controlling consumers and rebuilding healthier relationships with financial institutions. EML Nuapay is Frollo’s payment revolution, allowing clients to choose between no-code, low-code, and fully customizable API solutions.

Gareth Gumbley, Founder and CEO, Fluoro “We believe that open banking will be a breakthrough for consumers around the world and will help them improve their finances. EML will help us recognize and realize this opportunity. We are delighted to find a partner. By integrating market-leading open banking, payment and personal finance management capabilities into a fully customizable solution, Nuapay takes lenders and FinTech to the next level of customer experience. We can provide an easy way to pull it up. “

Sara Bowls, Group Chief Product Officer, EML “The EML team is excited to partner with Fluoro, the leader in open banking, in the financial industry-shaking payments revolution. We remove friction and help consumers feel better about money, We have a joint mission to help FinTech, which drives this revolution, expand quickly and globally. No one can beat Fluoro. The technology, know-how and talent to provide consumers with a great experience. That’s what we’re most excited about. “

The main functions are as follows.

  • Instant cash: With open banking data and EML virtual prepaid cards, the loan approval and payment process is reduced from days to minutes, eliminating the need for costly and sophisticated manual checks by traditional providers. ..
  • Money management: A market-leading banking app with personal finance management capabilities.
  • Emergency buffer: The ability to quickly return and turn a transaction into an installment loan.
  • Expenditure management: Use AI transaction classification to control spending in real time and set budget limits for specific money buckets.

EML & Frollo reveals the future of money with EML Nuapay

Source link EML & Frollo reveals the future of money with EML Nuapay

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