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Emily Brontë’s handwritten poem is the highlight of the “Lost Library” auction.Manuscript and letter

An “incredibly unusual” handwritten manuscript of Emily Brontë’s poem and a pencil modification by her sister Charlotte have been auctioned as part of a “lost library” that hasn’t been published for nearly a century. ..

The collection was put together by Charlotte’s widow, Arthur Bernikols. Arthur Bell Nicholls died in 1855 at the age of 38, out of six Bronte children. Nichols sold most of the Bronte manuscripts that survived in 1895 to the infamous bibliophilia. Literary counterfeiter Thomas James Wise. Growing up 20 miles from the Bronte family in Howarth, collectors and brothers Alfred and William Law are from Wise to the family, including a manuscript of Emily’s poems and a copy of the A History of with many annotations of the family. I got some of the heirs. An immortal book in British Bird, Jane Air.

The Law brothers’ library at Honresfield House was closed to the public when his nephew and heir Alfred Law died in 1939, and was no longer accessible to scholars.

“In the last 90 years, only one or two (very cautious) scholars have access to a piece of material, so essentially only two living people have seen it.” A Sotheby’s spokesman dealing with the auction said. Of more than 500 manuscripts, first editions and letters from the Honresfield Library in July.

A handwritten manuscript of Emily Brontë’s poem and a pencil correction by Charlotte. Photo: Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s described Emily’s 29 poetry manuscripts as “incredibly rare” and rated between £ 800,000 and £ 1.2 million. “Emily’s lifelong marketing is the most important manuscript, and it’s much more important to stay in the hands of the individual,” said the auction house. “There are few survivors of Emily. She essentially wrote Wuthering Heights and then left the world without a trace. She didn’t even have a letter from her, so there really isn’t even a letter from her. . “

This is the only extant handwritten manuscript featuring some of Emily’s most famous poems, including No Coward Soul Is Mine, The Bluebell, and The Old Stoic. Mentioned how she referred to her. I accidentally ignited my sister Emily’s handwritten MS poetry collection.

“I examined it, and more than a surprise caught me-deep conviction that these are not common exudates, nor are they like the poems commonly written by women,” Charlotte said. wrote. “I thought they were condensed, concise, lively and real. In my ears they also had their own music – melancholy and uplifting.”

Dr. Gabriel Heaton, a specialist in Sotheby’s English literature and historical manuscripts, said: These manuscripts bring you a sense of their creativity in the context of their existence. It’s just great. I’ve always dealt with literary manuscripts, but Emily Brontë isn’t the kind of person you’d expect, as there are few of her manuscripts left. So having something like this is just touching. “

A copy of the Bronte family in Thomas Bewick's
A copy of the Bronte family in Thomas Bewick’s “History of British Birds”. Photo: Sotheby’s

The Honlesfield Library, which has been cared for by the Law family, also has a copy of the Bronte family Thomas Buick’s “History of British Birds”. Extensive annotations by his father, Rev. Patrick Brontë, provide insights into family life in Haworth from personal observations of the golden eagle. He states: It was much larger than a goose because the neck was as thick as a man’s arm. “-In a cooking note. “The Mosaic Law does not prohibit the use of peacocks in food,” he writes. To the fish. “

The book is mentioned by Jane Eyre’s Charlotte, with a young heroine sunk in a copy, imagining the “white territory of death” in the Arctic Circle. But strangely impressive. A family copy with a pencil drawing by one of Bronte’s children will be auctioned at a guide price of £ 30,000 to £ 50,000.

Sotheby’s auctioned a letter from Charlotte to publisher George Smith, including a collection of notes passed between Anne and Emily, as well as their small sketches on the table, and Jane Air’s review. And discuss speculation. About the identity of the bell – a pseudonym used by sisters.

Meanwhile, Brother Branwell’s literary ambitions are revealed in a letter to Hartley Coleridge, son of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. “Since I was a kid, I didn’t intend to spend time away from other very different jobs in my literary writing efforts,” Branwell wrote.It’s too good to put aside the practice of it without the effort to see if I can explain it completely I keep my self assistance My maintenance. His literary ambition would not have been realized.

The lot, which also includes the manuscripts of Robert Burns and Walter Scott, will be auctioned three times in Sotheby’s starting in July, with literary works planned for exhibition in London, New York and Edinburgh.

“The collection as a whole depicts a unique portrait of the passion of one of the greatest and least known collection families from the golden age of book collection,” Heaton said. “When the library wasn’t open to the public in the 1930s, many thought it was gone. Now, the role of bringing the library to a larger audience is the highlight of a true career. . “

Emily Brontë’s handwritten poem is the highlight of the “Lost Library” auction.Manuscript and letter

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