Elite Elevators Corporation Is Headlining The Australian Home Elevator Market

With an impressive product range that is sure to make every homeowner swoon, the company is leading in the luxury home elevator segment.

Victoria, Australia – Elite Elevators Corporation is an Australian home lift company with its head office in Victoria, South Bank. Partnering with the German home lift company, TK Access Solutions, Elite Elevators Corporation offers a range of premium home lifts for both under-construction and existing homes in Australia. Their award-winning home lifts are superior in design and performance – must-haves for homes where luxury takes center stage. Their home lifts are manufactured at their partner’s factory, TK Home Solutions Srl, in Pisa, Italy. Elite Elevators Corporation has operations in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Hobart, Gold Coast, Darwin, Brisbane, and Canberra.

“Our home elevators are the products of German engineering. This has enabled every home elevator in our range to offer a unique set of features for the differing needs of every client. Our home elevators are pioneers in the market, from original and patented technology to reliable systems. Client satisfaction is at the core of our operations. Our customer relations team leads clients every step of the way, right from the inquiry to feasibility checks and post-installation services. Our home elevators afford clients independence and safety while future-proofing the home.” said a spokesperson from Elite Elevators Corporation.

Elite Elevators Corporation leaves no stone unturned when it comes to its residential lifts. The H100 residential lift takes the traditional platform lift and turns it into a modular appliance. Enclosed by a patented metallic shaft with glass panels on all sides, this compact residential lift occupies very little space but does not compromise performance. This residential lift is suitable for homes where space constraints pose a major problem.

Next comes the hydraulic lift, the H200. This hydraulic lift has none of the inconveniences of a conventional hydraulic drive. That is because the hydraulic drive used in the H200 has been enhanced by TK Access Solutions to offer users a ride that is smooth, gentle, and jerk-free. This makes the H200 hydraulic lift a class apart from conventional ones.

Last but not least in the H series is the H300 residential lift. This revolutionary residential lift works on a gearless CogBelt drive invented by TK Access Solutions. This premium residentiallift is technologically seven years ahead of other residential lifts globally and is the first of its kind.

While the only difference in all models of the H series is their drive system, these common aspects are what makes them popular.

(i) European Home Safety Codes: All home elevators comply with machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41. This adherence to international safety codes makes these home elevators the safest in Australia and the world.

(ii) Soft Start and Stop Technology: The soft start and stop devices attached to the home elevators afford them an extra layer of luxury convenience.

(iii) Low Maintenance: The greaseless rail technology present in some models keeps them free from dust accumulation, adding longevity to them and cutting down on maintenance frequency and costs.

(iv) SIL 3 & TÜV SÜD Certified: Certification from these independent regulatory bodies means that the company’s home elevators follow the best international safety and quality standards.

(v) Minimal Civil Work & Quick Installation: Since their home lifts are shipped to Australia in a semi-assembled condition, they can be installed within 3 days. Additionally, most models in the H series do not require a pit, headroom, or machine room, making them space-efficient solutions.

(vi) Customisable Solutions: Elite Elevators Corporation believes that home lifts must complement every home’s décor and not detract from it. To this effect, they offer clients the option to design and personalise their home lifts.

(vii) Power Efficiency: Energy efficiency is the name of the game in these home lifts. Consuming only 1.45 kW of electricity in total (which is equivalent to a microwave), these home lifts do not consume power while descending and operate on a standard single-phase power supply.

About Elite Elevators Corporation:

Elite Elevators Corporation is an Australian home lift company with headquarters in          Victoria, South Bank. They offer a range of home lifts, hydraulic lifts, and gearless home lifts to homes across Australia. They are an authorised business partner of TK Access Solutions, Germany. TK Access Solutions is a division of TK Elevator – one of the world’s leading home mobility solutions manufacturers and pioneers in the elevator industry. Developed in Germany and made in Italy, their home lifts are renowned worldwide for their safety and luxe aspects. Visit https://www.eliteelevators.com.au/ for product details and experience centre addresses.





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