Elderly care warnings despite improved supply

Elderly care providers warn that the sector is at stake due to COVID-19, despite a slight improvement in critical protective equipment supply issues and rapid inspections. ..

Geriatric Care Minister Richard Colbeck has stated that Peak agencies have not provided significant support for workers as they continue to be under pressure to handle their portfolio during the Omicron wave.

Sean Rooney, CEO of Elderly Care, said the problem with housing facilities during a pandemic was exacerbated by the Omicron variant.

“It puts a lot of pressure on systems that are already stressed and distressed, and sadly it affects humans when they aren’t at the forefront,” he told ABC News.

“What we see in a pandemic is extending all these problems to the stage of crisis.”

Rooney said there were signs of improvement in rapid antigen testing and the supply of personal protective equipment, but more had to be done.

“While (Omicron) was in progress, we’ve seen shortages and sporadic supplies from national stockpiles,” he said.

“As the waves of Omicron continue and these outbreaks spread, it turns out that there is not enough rapid antigen testing available to address the location of the outbreak, not to mention all other (elderly care) homes. I did. “

Currently, more than 1000 elderly care facilities are dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks nationwide, and since the beginning of the year, pandemics have killed more than 500 elderly care facilities.

The minister in charge, Richard Colbeck, denied that the sector was at stake, but was forced to resign.

It was after the Minister defended his decision not to attend the Senate Committee meeting on COVID-19, but instead to attend the Ash Test match in Hobart on the same day.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese called on the minister to resign.

“If Richard Colbeck doesn’t resign … the Prime Minister should dismiss him,” he said.

“(Corbeck) simply cannot carry out his mission to protect the interests of the old and vulnerable Australians.”

This week, it was revealed that one-third of fully vaccinated elderly care residents have not yet received boosters, even though the vaccination team visited 99% of facilities nationwide. rice field.

Meanwhile, more than 380,000 teens will be eligible for the COVID-19 booster after one of the country’s leading immune advisory groups finally approves a third dose at ages 16 and 17.

Previously, only adults were eligible for booster immunization, and now there are more than 8.4 million third doses nationwide.

Thursday was Australia’s deadliest pandemic day, with 83 deaths reported, including 38 in New South Wales and 34 in Victoria.

More than 37,000 new infections were reported, with 12,632 cases in New South Wales, 12,157 cases in Victoria, and 8643 cases in Queensland.

1583 new infections were recorded in South Australia, 977 in the Northern Territory, 656 in Tasmania, 529 in ACT, and 29 in Western Australia.

Elderly care warnings despite improved supply

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