Easy Tips to Stop Putting off Important Tasks 

Let’s look in one curious diary:

“Tuesday, September 1, 2020. Starting today, I’m going to start a new life: signing up for French classes, running in the morning.”

“Friday, January 1, 2021. To be honest, none of the things I had planned back in the fall worked out. Distractions, problems, new Playamo NZ slots online and Netflix shows were so tempting. I will start all over again on January 1. New year, new accomplishments.”

“Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Somehow the routine has taken over. It’s very hard to get up in the morning, and in the evening I have no energy for anything except chatting with friends on social media. Okay, summer is the best time to start over. Now everything will work out for sure.”

It is easy to guess that months and years will pass, but nothing much in the life of the diary owner will change. Unless he seriously ponders why it happens – like there is a desire to achieve something, but it evaporates in the hectic bustle and idle fun.

Someday Later

This is typical procrastinator behavior. The procrastinator endlessly postpones important and urgent tasks “for later, for tomorrow, until the right time.” Instead, he is engaged in all sorts of nonsense. The consequences are disastrous – frustrated deadlines, missed opportunities, problems in relations with others, or even depression.

Procrastination as a phenomenon has become a real scourge of our time. People say of its victims, “They’re just lazy!” That’s not quite true. Those whose favorite excuse is “I want to, but I can’t!” are characterized by guilt, shame, and anxiety. The real slacker doesn’t worry as much about prolonged inactivity.

The danger of procrastination is that because of it, precious time is spent extremely inefficiently. As you know, it cannot be reversed.

Causes of Procrastination

There are different causes of procrastination:

The Elephant in Pieces

In order not to be excruciatingly painful, you need to sort yourself out. Seek help from a therapist. The deeper and more serious the reasons why you prefer “then” to today, the less useful is the “Just do it” advice.

But there are ways to combat procrastination on your own:

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