East Gippsland mom reveals a “secret” behind her abdominal muscles | Weight loss

Victoria’s mother completely changed her body, saying that her washboard abdominal muscles resulted in one thing — and that’s not what you think.

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Curly Sullivan decided that it was time to change his lifestyle when he struggled to fit his jeans.

The two mothers from East Gippsland, Victoria, said they were not only very uncomfortable, but also sluggish and lacking energy.

“I was always tired and really unhealthy,” Curly told

“So I thought,’Bugger it.’ I’m going to sign up for an eight-week challenge and give it a try.”

In 2018, Curly joined Australia’s fitness star Rachel Dillon’s Move with us program After noticing a major change in my body in just six weeks, I became “crazy”.

“It wasn’t until I looked at the photos before and after that I thought,’Wow, this is a huge change,'” Curly said.

“I weighed 65. kg, but I’m only 160 cm tall. I put most of my weight on the lower half and I was 5 kg lighter than when I started, but my body composition changed completely.”

At the age of 35, she now boasts 6 packs — she said she’s still used to it.

After recording her journey on Instagram, one of the most common questions she asks is about the washboard abdominal muscles.

But ironically, Curly “dislikes” the training core, and despite people thinking she has endless abs exercises a day, it results in “consistency.” He said he left a lot of “surprise”.

“This is primarily an 80% diet,” she says, eating more protein-based foods and avoiding exceeding set calorie goals.

“My stomach was the earliest part to lose, but I always had problems with my legs. This is the first part of my body to gain the most weight.”

Curly said the most difficult part of her transformation was learning to count calories.

“It was the most difficult thing for me, and I was able to fit in with my 6-day workout a week, which also reduced my sugar intake.”

The two mothers, 15 and 11, said they ate endless takeaway junk food and soft drinks.

“I cooked something useful and didn’t eat enough vegetables.

But today, her diet has a very different balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber.

“I also drink 3 liters of water a day and aim for 8 hours of sleep at night.”

Bank teller Curly admits that it’s difficult to adapt to training when she’s still working every day and homeschooling during the blockage.

However, she continues to remind herself that it is important to take an hour of the day to maintain her sanity and trajectory.

“It’s really hard. I get home around 3pm after work, but even if I’m busy, try to go to the gym at 4pm. It’s about 45 minutes,” she said.

“Then I go back to cooking and everything else I have to do.”

Curly said her lifestyle changes gave her confidence and more energy, making her an overall happy person.

“It’s amazing how putting a job in your health can change your overall outlook.

“Life,” said the 35-year-old.

“The biggest change is my relationship with food. I no longer see food as good or bad. It now fuels my body and a few treats every day undermine my progress. It is not.”

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at first You got this: Mom reveals the “secret” behind her washboard abdominal muscles

East Gippsland mom reveals a “secret” behind her abdominal muscles | Weight loss

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