Earthquake shakes a volcanic island in Spain

According to officials, a magnitude 4.5 earthquake shook La Palma in the Canary Islands of Spain. This was the strongest quake recorded since the volcanic eruption began 26 days ago.

According to the National Institute of Geography of Spain, the quake was one of about 60 quakes recorded overnight, with Cumbre Vieja volcano continuing to erupt a fiery river of lava, destroying all of its flow and lava. Is dumped in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lava has partially or completely destroyed more than 1,600 buildings, about half of which are homes, officials said.

About 7,000 had to abandon their homes, of which 300 abandoned their homes on Thursday.

“This is arguably the most serious eruption in Europe in the last 100 years,” said President Angel Victor Toures of the Canary Islands.

“The only good news is … so far no one has been injured,” he said.

According to the Lapalma government, the flow of lava from the three rivers has spread to almost 1.8 kilometers, but its progress is slow.

Most of La Palma is unaffected, officials say, but hard, black lava covers 674 hectares to the west of the island.

Authorities advised locals to drive because the ash was deep to the ankles.

The volcanic eruption was 2600 meters high as of Thursday.

La Palma is part of the Canary Islands of Spain, an Atlantic archipelago off northwestern Africa, whose economy relies on tourism and canary plantain cultivation.

Earthquake shakes a volcanic island in Spain

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