Dr. Magdrin Awad: Siberian Husky as an Australian Pet

The Siberian Husky is a unique breed and is usually very intelligent. Some behavior may seem unusual, but it may actually be trying to convey something.

As the name implies, Siberian Husky was born in Siberia and was initially bred as a sled dog.

This thickly coated variety is generally affectionate and has a great desire to run and play, as its energy levels are comparable to marathon runners. Therefore, daily games and runs, and a large garden for playing, will help keep this variety happy.

Siberian Husky benefits from regular brushing due to its soft, dense undercoat and straight topcoat double coat. They also shed lightly for most of the year, and during the molting season.

And, like any other dog, it can take unique actions that may seem unusual to its owner.

Dr. Magdoline Awad, SMARTdaily’s pet columnist and chief veterinarian at Greencross The Pet Company, explains:

Siberian husky habit

How can I prevent Siberian Husky from tearing the lawn after work? It’s perfect (lawn). Sparky also puts his feet in a water bowl after taking him for a walk. We always make sure she has clean water. – Robert

It’s quite normal for dogs, like us, to work when they hear the call of nature.

Everyone knows what happens when you’re not listening. When dogs work, that is, when they urinate and defecate, they not only soften themselves, but also leave behind unique odors and markers associated with their work.

In some cases, dogs sniff another marker and urinate or defecate on or near it.

This could be the act of gaining more territory or informing other dogs of their existence.

Some dogs use their front and hind legs to kick or scratch dirt or grass. It is believed that there are scented glands and markers between the toes. Some dogs try to cover their business this way.

These behaviors are normal and there is little you can do to prevent them.

Sparky may put your feet in the water after a walk for several reasons. Most dogs do this as a cooling measure if they feel overheated. She may also do this as part of her play routine.

She may be telling you that she prefers fresher water or perhaps running water, even though the bowl is freshly filled.

In any case, her behavior is considered to be perfectly normal.

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Dr. Magdrin Awad: Siberian Husky as an Australian Pet

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