Dr Chant of NSW testifies at vax challenge

Mandating health care workers to be vaccinated with COVID-19 continues the state’s approach to vaccination in the medical setting, NSW Chief Health Officer Kelly Chant told the court.

Dr. Chant testified in support of the public health order disputed by unvaccinated paramedics who are said to oppose the COVID-19 vaccine for moral, religious and political reasons.

The state’s top doctors, whose advice led to vaccine orders, said her concerns were the risks and consequences of outbreaks in hospitals, and more broadly, putting protection in other medical environments.

“This is NSW Health’s long-standing approach to considering vaccination of health care workers,” she said Thursday.

Toumut’s emergency medical staff, John Latter, seeks declarative relief so that he can work without vaccination as long as he wears appropriate personal protective equipment or works remotely.

His lawyer said the dismissal of controversial health care workers was a permanent effect of the temporary COVID-19 storm.

Barrister Shane Prince SC said Wednesday that “the nature of public health is to provide extraordinary power in and only in those extraordinary situations.”

“It’s not about setting up a system that will be applied once the storm is over.”

Prince sought to distinguish his client from a teacher who failed in October to overturn a public health order requiring vaccination to work in a state-owned school.

In that case, the court ruled that the order applicable to teachers and nurses was not a vaccination obligation, but a restriction of movement.

Unlike teachers, emergency health care workers and other health care workers, unlike teachers, are vaccinated regardless of whether they work in high-risk areas, clerical jobs, or at home, Prince said. I needed to.

“There is no reason why he cannot provide training and containment to people, such as in video, but the terms of this order do not provide it,” he said.

Prince described his client as a follower of the Roman Catholic faith, who considers himself a political conservative.

“It’s his religious, moral and political view that makes him feel he can’t take the vaccine because he’s morally disgusted,” he said.

It’s “terrible” that people like Mr. Latter got stuck in a small number because of their religious beliefs, as more than 92% of New South Wales residents over the age of 16 took at least one dose. was.

“It … is not dealt with by vaccination coercion. Similarly, medically impossible people … cannot be vaccinated regardless of coercion attempts,” he says. I did.

The case is being tried by Judge Christine Adamson.

All barristers and lawyers in court on Thursday were fully vaccinated, the court reported.

Mr. Latter was said to be watching through the court’s YouTube live stream.

Dr Chant of NSW testifies at vax challenge

Source link Dr Chant of NSW testifies at vax challenge

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