Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100, USD, JPY, AUD / USD, RBA, USD / CAD, BoC

The mood of the global market deteriorated last week and has been sluggish since November.on Wall street, Dow Jones, S & P 500 When Nasdaq Futures fell 0.89%, 1.42% and 2.25%, respectively. The VIX market “fear gauge” closed at its highest since February. In the Asia Pacific region Nikkei 225, With Hansen ASX 200 It decreased by 1.98%, 1.27% and 2.20%, respectively. The situation in Europe is relatively tame, FTSE 100 Obtained 0.39% as DAX 40 decreased by 0.67%.

Risk aversion meant that forex traders flocked to liquidity and security. U.S. dollarSoared against the Australian and New Zealand dollars.Works the same JPY When Swiss franc It also outperformed.Look at commodities and link to growth Crude oil price It softened and expanded the bear market. Gold price We managed to maintain some position by taking advantage of the further decline in long-term government bond yields.

It seems to be a combination of the emerging Omicron Covid-19 variant and the hawkish gist of the Federal Reserve that drives emotional anxiety. Last week, Chair Jerome Powell abolished the word “temporary” from the explanation of inflation forecasts. Central bank policymakers have also expressed the possibility of reducing quantitative easing faster than expected. This follows the continued rise in inflation in the world’s largest economy.

Speaking of inflation, the United States will release the next CPI report on December 10th.NS.. Headline inflation is expected to rise from 6.2% in October to 6.8% year-on-year in November. It will be the highest rate in almost 40 years. Core measurements, excluding energy and food, are estimated to be 4.9% y / y from the previous 4.6%. Further upward surprises could increase hawkish Fed policy bets in 2022 and jeopardize market volatility.

Outside the United States AUD / USD Traders will pay attention to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s final interest rate decision this year.for USD / CAD It is also used by investors and the Bank of Canada. Neither central bank is expected to adjust benchmark lending rates, so investors will adjust to assess the 2022 outlook and how policies will be formed. Meanwhile, Chinese stocks listed on US exchanges continue to prepare for volatility over delisting concerns. What else are you waiting for?

Weekly performance of the US dollar against currencies and gold

Basic prediction:

US Dollar Basic Forecast: DXY Primed Prior to CPI Data

The US dollar index has risen for the sixth straight week as a basic tailwind pushed up the greenback. This week’s CPI data could boost the greenback.

Euro Week Ahead Forecast: EUR / USD bounce may already be over

EUR / USD It was relatively stable last week, but no stronger recovery will be seen unless the European Central Bank reverses its position that eurozone monetary tightening is not needed.

Gold decreases weekly three times in a row as a general market sentiment whip saw

Like many other markets this week, gold witnessed a shift in sentiment as Omicron feared and questioned aggressive tapering bets eased.

GBP Prediction: Omicron Adds Uncertainty to BoE Rate Rise

Scientific data on vaccine efficacy BoE rate It will rise this month.

Australian dollar can wobble in RBA rate determination, Omicron variant and US CPI

NS Australian dollar Remain vulnerable before the end RBA rate 2022 decision. The Omicron Covid-19 variant poses a risk if tight blockades continue. Will the AUD / USD fall widen?

USD / CAD Outlook Hinges on Bank of Canada (BoC) Interest Rate Determination

The Bank of Canada (BoC)’s final interest rate decision for 2021 may be maintained U.S. dollar/ /CAD Central banks are floating because they are expected to maintain their current policies.

Weekly Forecast for S & P 500: Omicron Concerns Can Squeeze US Stocks.Resume risky transactions

US equities, especially reopening baskets, may be under greater pressure in the short term as traders adjust their position of risky assets in the uncertainty and vulnerable sentiment of Omicron variants.

USD / JPY on reversal cusp as all Yen exceeds the yield on the risk trend

Volatility upset in the broader financial markets does not completely cover the set of “risk” asset recessions we have seen in the weeks.The erosion has hit many yen crosses, but recent volatility and interest rate forecast uncertainty are now threatened. USDJPY..

Technology Forecast:

Gold Price Forecast-XAU / USD Tests High Level “Hidden” Support

Gold is generally weak and at a large level. Price patterns on short-term charts are considered to indicate the next move.

Dow, Nasdaq 100, S & P 500 Last Week Forecast

With Omicron FOMC This can lead to deeper pullbacks as policy is the focus and equities incorporate these new risk factors.

Crude oil falls for 6 consecutive weeks in extreme volatility

crude oil We were able to stabilize the dramatic bearish trend last week, but now we are continuing to decline. The turning point for this product is 62.50 / 61.50, which is very noticeable.

Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100, USD, JPY, AUD / USD, RBA, USD / CAD, BoC

Source link Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100, USD, JPY, AUD / USD, RBA, USD / CAD, BoC

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