Donald Trump blows up “rude” Megan Markle for “hurting the Queen”

Donald Trump denounced Megan Markle, claiming she “contempted” the Queen and “used” Prince Harry.

Donald Trump accused Megan Markle of “despising the Queen” and “terrifyingly” manipulating Prince Harry.

The criticism of the former president came in a new interview with British politician Nigel Farage, who reports that the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess “hurt” the royal family. Sun..

Mr. Trump has criticized Megan in the past and said he would consider running for president again earlier this year in rumors that he was planning to bid on the White House.

In an interview, Mr. Trump also talked about his praise for the Queen, who says he came from a Scottish mother, and how it overshadowed his view of Megan.

He again aimed at the Duchess, who believed he had used Harry “badly.” Daily mail Report.

In an interview, he told a former UKIP leader:

“I think she is very rude to the royal family, and most importantly to the Queen.

“I think Harry was used and badly used. I think it ruined his relationship with his family and hurt the Queen.”

Mr. Trump was also “very inappropriate” when asked about the allegations that Megan used her royal title by writing on Sussex’s letterhead to lobby Congress on parental leave. Said that.

“She’s trying to do what I think is very inappropriate,” he said in a broadcast interview. GB news..

Speak in March After Megan’s Rumored Presidential Bid NS Trump said Fox news: “If that happens, I think it will make me feel more motivated to run, so I hope it will happen.”

He added: “I’m not a fan of her.

“I think she’s talking about the royal family and the queen. It happens that I know the queen as you know. I met the queen. The queen is a great person and I’m not a fan. I think. Megan. “

Following the comments in September 2020 He counterattacked Megan For suggesting that Americans should vote for Joe Biden.

He once again said, “I’m not a fan of her,” and wanted Prince Harry “a lot of good luck.”

And in 2019, the then president revealed a shock about what she claimed to be a “troublesome” comment after she branded him “misogynistic” and “divisive.”

In March, Megan told Oprah Winfrey, the host of a talk show in the United States, that the royal family had “concerns and conversations about how dark their skin was when they were born” by their son Archie.

It urged Prince Charles calls a lawyer He claims to be “royal racists” and named them “fiction.”

Characteristics of Christopher Andersen’s US Book Claims Brothers and wives: in the private lives of William, Kate, Harry and Megan..

This article was originally Sun Reproduced with permission

Initially published as follows Donald Trump blows up “rude” Megan for “hurting the Queen”

Donald Trump blows up “rude” Megan Markle for “hurting the Queen”

Source link Donald Trump blows up “rude” Megan Markle for “hurting the Queen”

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