Dog meat that is difficult for Koreans to swallow

However, the plan will face opposition from older Koreans who claim that meat is probably a traditional part of national cuisine that provides stamina and boosts men’s vitality.

Regarding the consumption of dog meat, the government said, “People’s perceptions of their basic rights and animal rights issues are intricately intertwined.”

Members of the Korean Dog Meat Association eat dog meat during the rally to support the controversial but traditional dishes. credit:AP

Yonhap News Agency said Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom said: [is] It has been new for over 30 years since the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

“With [increase] As the number of pet-owning households grows and public interest in animal rights and animal welfare grows, we are increasingly opposed to seeing meat consumption as part of an old food culture. I am. “

The dog meat industry is also expected to resist the legal ban.

Currently, food is not explicitly banned in South Korea, even if it is legal. But animal rights activists and pet owners welcomed the news yesterday.

“As someone who has witnessed cruelty directly, it’s the dog’s suffering that motivates me to reach the ban,” said Nara Kim, who heads the HSI’s End Dog Meat campaign.

“These dogs are caged in horrific conditions with minimal food and no protection from the frigid winters and overwhelmingly hot summers,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

Telegraph, London

Dog meat that is difficult for Koreans to swallow

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