Discover Repositionable Media (RPM), a Safe, Supportive and Cost-Effective Design Solution for Elderly Care

Australia’s aging population is set to accelerate rapidly over the next decade, and demand and pressure for geriatric care services in both residential geriatric care facilities and home support programs are expected to rise exponentially. ..

In 2020, the Australian Government reported that more than 840,000 Australians were supported through the Federal Home Support Program, and approximately 245,000 Australians live permanently in residential geriatric care facilities.

Coupled with this surge in the number of older Australians in need of assistance, the number of Australians living with or caring for people diagnosed with dementia has increased surprisingly rapidly. doing.

In 2022, Australian dementia organizations reported that nearly 500,000 Australians now live with dementia, and that number is expected to exceed one million in the coming decades. It is also reported that approximately 1.6 million Australians are currently involved in the care of those already diagnosed with dementia.

As we know that numbers are growing and growing, so is the demand for support and the resources needed to meet this demand. So what is the solution?

Identify the key needs of people living in elderly care and supported living environments

Navigating the physical and social environment can become increasingly difficult as health and cognition deteriorate, especially for older people, including people with dementia.

However, the thoughtful design establishes a supportive environment in an easy and cost-effective way, allowing people diagnosed with dementia and other conditions to live as independently as possible without facing unnecessary disabilities. I can help you to do it.

Optimally designed spaces address four key areas: comfort, support, stress and safety, not only for people with dementia, but also for those in need of broader life support.

What is RPM? And how can RPM support these important needs?

With increasing demand, high turnover, and resident-specific needs in residential facilities, a fast, easy, and cost-effective solution is essential. Repositionable Media (RPM) printing products do just that. A way to create a personal and functional space for each resident without overhauling the decoration in a costly traditional way.

RPM products can be custom printed, pasted on a flat surface, easily removed without compromising existing design capabilities, and reused multiple times in multiple spaces.

Dementia Center-certified RPM products are specially designed and rigorously tested to meet the needs of people with dementia, helping them orient and relax in complex environments.

RPM Art, Reframe and Photo Collage products provide comfort and support, helping to promote a homely atmosphere and friendliness. Resident-specific art and photo collages can provide a visual memory prompt for people suffering from cognitive impairment and provide points of discussion to promote social involvement. These RPM products can be pasted directly on the wall or on top of existing frames and artwork.

To support independent living, RPM signage solutions support resident orientation and pathfinding, helping to maintain a sense of freedom and independence. This promotes stronger self-confidence and better mental health. Similarly, in long corridors in the same room, RPM memory doors allow residents to easily identify doors with a personalized design that can be installed and removed without damage.

For the elderly and those suffering from dementia-related cognitive decline, there can be many sensory triggers in environments that can cause significant distress, such as light glare and mirror reflections. .. Dementia Certified Mirror RPMs can mitigate such triggers by providing a matte finish, mirrors of any size or shape or opaque decal covers on reflective surfaces. RPM privacy and one-way window coverings not only allow resident privacy, but can also reduce upset by redirecting them from potentially risky areas.

Confusion and disorientation can sometimes be dangerous, and the act of seeking an exit is one such example. RPM Door Diversions help hide exits by making doors unobtrusive and gently distracting the resident’s original function.

Whether you’re designing for a senior care facility or care facility, or just to make your home space more functional and supportive, a simple, cost-effective, undamaged Repositionable Media product is available. , Provides many environmental solutions to make your space more convenient and enjoyable. For both loved ones and their caregivers.

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Discover Repositionable Media (RPM), a Safe, Supportive and Cost-Effective Design Solution for Elderly Care

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