Digital Wine Ventures quintupled Wine Depot orders and appointed COO

Digital Wine’s online beverage platform recorded a 557% month-on-month increase in March shipment cases.

Consumers seem to really embrace online shopping for beverages. Digital Wine Ventures (ASX: DW8) Last month we recorded a surge in orders on the WineDepot platform.

The company today reported that the number of processed orders and shipped cases in March increased by more than five times compared to the same period last year.

In total, the company’s beverage distribution platform, WineDepot, shipped 25,311 cases last month, up 557% in March 2020 and 21.3% in February 2021.

It also processed 12,272 orders. This was a 504% increase from the previous month and a 29.3% increase in January 2021.

This equates to an average of 2.06 cases shipped per order.

Digital Wine also announced that it has welcomed 27 more suppliers to the WineDepot platform and James Munn as its new Chief Operating Officer. Recent acquisition of his founding business, Wine Delivery Australia..

Growth of WineDepot platform

A year ago, WineDepot processed 2,032 orders in March. This is significantly less than it is now, but at the time it was about half of the total number of orders for the entire three months, which in itself is equivalent to 150% growth. December quarterly order volume.

Dean Taylor, CEO of Digital Wine at the time, Volume growth is expected to accelerate in the coming months Consumers accepted online shopping while the COVID-19 restrictions were applied.

However, after a year in Australia, restrictions have been relaxed (at least for retail operations) and the platform is still setting new records in the case of orders and shipments. This is further enhanced by new acquisitions and continued growth of the supplier base.

Last month, the company registered 27 more new suppliers with WineDepot. These include brands from most of Australia’s winery regions, as well as New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay and Marlboro regions.

This is the next 26 new suppliers Joined the platform in February Partnership with Bibendum Wine Co, a leading fine wine and beverage distributor Announced 3 weeks ago.

The founder of Wine Delivery Australia has been appointed COO

In addition, Digital Wine has announced that James Munn has been appointed as its new Chief Operating Officer on behalf of Steven Alexander, who played a general management role at warehousing and transportation company Lineage Logistics.

Munn was the founder of Wine Delivery Australia, a third-party logistics company that was acquired by Digital Wine in a $ 2.4 million transaction at the end of last year.

According to Digital Wine, Mumm is an experienced supply chain expert with over 20 years of experience in the warehousing and logistics sector.

Prior to founding Wine Delivery Australia, he provided professional logistics advice to Collaborators Pty Ltd’s clients and worked as Managing Director of POS, Warehousing and Logistics Management Company Restore (Eastcoast) Pty Ltd. ..

Digital Wine Ventures quintupled Wine Depot orders and appointed COO

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