Deadly violence against port blast probes in Beirut

The military initially stated that the shootings targeted the protesters as they passed the Teyouneh ring road, which divides the neighborhood of Christians and Shiite Muslims. Later, protesters said there was a “fire change and exchange” on their way to the protests.

Violence could create an excuse to suspend or shelve further investigations into the explosion after repeated warnings from Hezbollah and its allies that continued investigations into Vital would divide the country.

Lebanese soldiers are deployed after a deadly clash in

President Michel Aoun vowed that the person responsible for the shooting on Thursday would be held liable, saying in a television speech that “weapons are unacceptable as a means of communication between Lebanese rivals.”

LF leader Samir Jaaja, whose group had strong militias in the war, said shooting was the result of uncontrolled weapons in society and civil peace must be maintained.


During the attack, a local television station broadcast footage of residents running for bullets and hideouts that hit the building. According to military officials, one of the dead was a woman who was hit by ammunition while at home.

According to military sources, the shooting began in the Christian neighborhood of Ain El Remane, the scene of the slaughter that helped ignite the civil war, and was subsequently involved in a fire exchange.

Interior Minister Mawlawi said all the dead came from one side, the Shiites.

The Hezbollah and Amal movements said the group fired at protesters from the roof, aiming at their heads in an attack aimed at dragging Lebanon into conflict.

The army said it would be deployed in large numbers in the area around Teyouneh and would fire at armed personnel on the road. He later said he had arrested nine people, including Syrians.


I heard a shooting explosion for hours.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati told Reuters that the incident was a setback for the government but would be overcome.

“Lebanon is going through difficult stages, not easy stages. We are like patients in front of the emergency room,” he said. “There are then many steps to complete the recovery.”

The United States and France said the Lebanese judiciary must be allowed to investigate port explosions in an independent and impartial manner. Kuwait in the Gulf countries urged its citizens to leave.

“The people of Lebanon are worth more, and the victims and families of those lost in the blast of the harbor are worth more,” U.S. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said during his visit to Beirut. ..

“Today’s unacceptable violence reveals what the stakes are,” Nuland said in a comment echoed by the French Foreign Ministry.

On Wednesday, Geagea refused what he said as a submission to Hezbollah’s “threat” against Vital, preparing for a peaceful strike on the Lebanese if the “opposite” tried to force a will. Asked to do.

Conflicts over Bitar’s investigation distract the newly formed government From the efforts to tackle the deepening economic crisis This put more than three-quarters of the Lebanese in poverty.

Although none of its members have been targeted by the investigation, Hezbollah has accused Hezbollah of conducting a political investigation focused solely on specific people.

These include some of the closest allies. Among them are senior Shiite Amal movement ministers, including former finance minister Ali Hassan Haril, who told Armaya Dean TV this week on the path of an investigation that threatened to push Lebanon towards a civil war. included. “.

The court had previously dismissed the legal complaint against Bitar, and in writing he was able to resume the investigation.

Violence is the worst since 2008, when Sunni-led government followers fought in Beirut against Hezbollah-faithful militants. Hezbollah went on to revoke decisions affecting the group, including measures for government-run telecommunications networks.


Deadly violence against port blast probes in Beirut

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