Dayne Brajkovich: How Hells Angel Bikers were involved in the construction of the police station

Dayne Brajkovich is good at breaking things.

For those who don’t know him, Dane is Hells Angels who punched out rebel biker Nick Martyn at that bar in Scarborough a few weeks before Martin was shot at Perth Motorplex.

Brajkovich was a champion martial arts fighter. He was a really good Muay Thai boxer.

Imagine this unit coming to you in the third round. Not many people reached the third round. I would have been dead and playing 3 seconds after the first bell.

If I were stupid enough to see his eyes, I might have spent the last few seconds of my life reading his face tattoos.

His nose has the words HAMC — Hells Angels Motorcycle Club —. One side of his face is inked with 6104, the zip code of Ascot where he lives.

You can read the word hatred near the other ear.

And people think Me Looks grumpy …

Dayne is an angry, angry person.He gets out of the other side of the bed every day morning. And step on some Lego.

Fortunately, he is also an avid newspaper reader. The main photo above is his photo when he visited his office in Western Australia in June.

He asked the women at the front desk very politely if they could help find the back number of the newspaper.

Camera iconHell’s Angel Dyne Brazikovich. credit: Jackson Frindell/Western Australian

He was looking for a story about him who sincerely hopes I didn’t write it.

Dine hasn’t been in the news since Ascot’s house was filled with bullets some time ago.

The reason I’m raising him now, and why I mentioned his skill in breaking things, comes down to a letter sent to me a while back.

It urged me to look into Dayne’s family business, Brajkovich Demolition and Salvage.

The Brajkovich family is very good at breaking things.

It’s a very well-run business with all accounts. It has won many contracts and continues to do so. All COVID home renovations are underway.

I know quite a few builders and anyone who has used the Brajkovich Demo thinks they are the best way to deal with it.

One of the contracts the company won was related to demolition work related to the construction of a new building on the corner of Fitzgerald Street and Low Street in Northbridge.

The building was a new Perth police complex.

The sergeant of the WA branch of the world’s most notorious biker gang helped build our most important cop store.

You can find it all on the TendersWA website.

On April 15, 2009, the company won a fixed-price contract worth $ 107,800 for “ForwardWorks Demolition.”

Northbridge Police Station.
Camera iconNorthbridge Police Station. credit: Google map/Google map

Is it really amazing? This is not the first time a biker has helped build a police shop.

A few years before Dane launched a wrecking ball in the name of law and order, the Gypsy Jokers built a new Kensington Cops store.

The Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Task Force, the predecessor of today’s gang criminal force, has heard rumors that the Michael and Darren Vandongen brothers work for the family steel company Vandongen and Sons.

Mike was the company’s onsite manager. In 2000, he was one of six gypsy jokers acquitted of dangerous riding charges.

Crane operator Mike’s younger brother Darren was imprisoned for two years after being captured at a speed of 30g.

One of the OMCG police officers made a drive-by and confirmed that two patched bikers were helping to build a new police station.

(Supplement: The cop is currently working at a station where Dayne’s family helped build it. Perth’s three times and everything …)

This is the bit that kills me. Mike and Darren’s father, John, shrugged and said, “I did a half-dozen police station,” when he was quized from the West that day.


Barry Matthews, then police secretary, managed the damage.

“We don’t have to worry, there’s no risk,” he said in a prepared statement, I think the police spin doctor turned the preparation inside out.

Dayne Brajkovich: How Hells Angel Bikers were involved in the construction of the police station

Source link Dayne Brajkovich: How Hells Angel Bikers were involved in the construction of the police station

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