David McKay Bump, Hunter Clark Fracture Jaw, St Kilda Saints vs Adelaide Crow

Four-time Premiership Hawk Jordan Lewis states that Adelaide veteran David McKay should not be interrupted despite a broken jaw in a young saint in a violent clash with Hunter Clark.

Clark was sent off because both players seemed to be competing for the ball after taking a hit from Mackay during the second semester from the St Kilda-Adelaide match on Saturday night.

“I was sick of it. Let’s hope Hunter Clark is okay,” said Channel 7 commentator Luke Darcy.

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Clark slept on the grass of Kazary’s stadium for a while before several trainers accompanied him. He was able to stand up, but when he came from the ground, blood was bleeding from his mouth, so he went down and was replaced by Jack Weiter.

The case is undoubtedly evaluated by Match Review Officer Michael Christian, but his verdict depends on whether he believes Mackay ultimately chose to hit or was purely fighting for the ball.

During the intense contact, McKay’s arm went out and almost touched the ball when it came into contact with Clark.

Lewis talked about Fox Footy, saying the result was unfortunate for Clark, but called it a “fair contest” between the young saint and Mackay.

“Our games sometimes have accidents, and I think that’s exactly what happened,” Lewis told Fox Football.

“When the 50-50 ball was there to win, I thought it was courageous by both players. Unfortunately, Hunter Clark was a bit low, but that doesn’t mean Mackay will be stopped. I thought it was a fair contest. “

After the bump, the saint Hunter Clark got a lot of attention.Photo: Albert PerezSource: Getty Images
Clark was able to leave the field.Photo: Albert PerezSource: Getty Images

Brad Johnson, the record holder for the bulldog game, agreed.

“If you look at the vision, his hand is there. When his hand is down, they actually touch the ball. I think he’s fighting the fir on the ball,” Johnson said. Told to.

“I think it was an unfortunate event that happened.”

McKay’s contact is similar to the Round 4 case involving Sands veteran Jarod Halbrow, despite Carlton’s forward Michael Gibbons being forced to take a concussion test.

In his conclusion, the MRO said Harbor was in conflict with the footer and did not choose to bump. It was also determined that physical contact and arrival at the ball occurred at the same time.

David McKay Bump, Hunter Clark Fracture Jaw, St Kilda Saints vs Adelaide Crow

Source link David McKay Bump, Hunter Clark Fracture Jaw, St Kilda Saints vs Adelaide Crow

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