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For the first time in history, the Bathurst 1000 will be held in December, but it’s still just one of the mysteries of what it looks like as an unpredictable weekend.

The supercars icon Neil Crompton is perfect for listing the types of surprises a mountain can throw.

“A race of 161 laps, kangaroos, weather, snow, hail, wind, rain, one tenth of a second separates one and two seconds,” he said. Fox Motorsport “Bathurst 1000 Preview Show”.

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Two brothers combo driving in Bassert | 03:31


But it’s not just this year, it’s making “Great Race” a must-see TV.

“We have to go back last year,” Crompton added.

“margin [between] Second from the beginning [was] 0.8 seconds. Looking at the history of events over the last 10 to 15 years, the number of decisions made in less than a second is really freaky. “

Adding a layer of complexity to this year’s article is a mystery of what the start of December means.

“This year’s conditions will be a big topic,” Crompton said.

“In fact, if you look at the history of the race, you can see that the spring weather is affecting the results. Since we haven’t raced later this year, it raises a big question about what will happen this year.

“Is it hot? Is there still mixed conditions? What is the impact on your fitness? Keep in mind that at Sydney Motorsports Park, the car is working very hard and tired. Does it pose a reliability issue? “

Many questions that are unlikely to be answered until that day.

But still, the drama of the day can seem to be over before another twist appears at the dying stage.

Just looking at the history of the Bathurst 1000 will give you an idea of ​​how unpredictable it is.

With that in mind, We look back at some of the most dramatic and wild moments from previous editions of Great Race.

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SVG with a complete focus on Bassert’s victory | 00:55

2019-Deceive the storm MCLAUGHLIN’SWIN’TAINTED’

Scott McLaughlin’s victory at the 2019 Bathurst 1000 dominated the news cycle long after the race was completed, but it wasn’t his great driving that everyone was talking about.

Rather, the victory of McLauglin and co-driver Alexander Premat was overshadowed by the ugly-headed team-order controversy last year.

Talk to News Corp For last year’s race, Erebus Motorsport boss Barry Ryan said McLaughlin’s victory was still “contaminated” by the drama.

The drama came after McLaughlin’s teammate Fabian Coulthard was ordered to slow down while in second place under the safety car in the second half of the race.

It helped McLaughlin maintain a comfortable lead ahead of other fields, but triggered an investigation after the DJR team pleaded guilty to an engine breach.

The team was stripped of 300 championship points and fined a total of $ 280,000, but McLaughlin won in qualifying and the top 10 shootouts.

Despite Ryan’s claim at the time that the DJR team was “blatantly fooled,” he remained the winner of the race.

Supercar legend Larry Perkins described Coulter’s actions as “shameful,” although Shane van Gisbergen sympathized with the situation.

He called the Coulter a “sacrificial lamb” in that situation, adding that “it was pretty clear what happened.”

Scott McLaughlin won in 2019 in a controversial situation. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images


The unpredictable nature of Bassert can be both a blessing and a curse.

For Craig Lowndes, the 2018 “Great Race” was the fairy tale he wanted to see in his final Bathurst 1000 as a full-time driver.

It was pain and broken heart that shattered the former king of the mountains to defend champion David Reynolds.

Reynolds seems confident that he will take the crown again just because of the catastrophic cramps in his leg that caused a brutal fall that finished in 13th place after co-driver Luke Jordan took over. It looked like.

At the age of 33, he was forced to leave the race with 27 laps remaining. It has been proven that the burning dehydration is restored as the cramps begin and worsen.

“I have the biggest cramps in my legs in my life,” Reynolds said on the radio when Rounds took over.

David Reynolds has reached a tragic end to the race. (Photo by Robert Cianflone ​​/ Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

It left two options in the Erebas garage-they could give him Reynolds electrolyte in the hope that it would give him the coveted energy boost, or kick him out for Jurden. rice field.

They chose the former, but Reynolds couldn’t overcome the cramps even in the pits.

Reynolds set the pace for most of the race, but his body soon began to give up and sleep deprivation was also sacrificed.

The 2017 winner explained that as the race lasted longer, his “heart began to move.”

“I had a very big lead-up, we slept badly, and I just didn’t take care of myself so well,” Reynolds said at the time.

“I was probably running at 70% yesterday, but this morning it was probably 50%. [during] The race was almost zero. “

Rounds looks back on “the battle of my life” | 01:07

2016-Wincup “Gut Wrench” Penalty

To this day, it’s an escape.

The controversy still plagues Triple Eight Boss Roland Dane, said News Corp Earlier this week, Jamie Wincup “stolen” his crown.

Dane, of course, mentions the 2016 version of “Great Race.” This seemed to be one of the simplest results in the last few years.

What didn’t happen was that the wincup was at the center of the drama after the first crossing of the line after dominating the race.

However, Whincup incurred a 15-second penalty in the case with Scott McLaughlin, followed by a three-way clash with Garth Tander.

Wincup was fighting McLaughlin for an effective lead when the pair touched the chase.

The Triple Eight driver was trying to pass lap 150, but McLaughlin left the road and Wincup slowed down to correct the accident.

It only led to more genocide as Tander tried to overtake McLaughlin, but instead the duo clashed.

Jamie Wincup seemed destined for victory.Photo: Mark HorsebergSource: Provided

A year later, far from being dusty, McLaughlin called the accident “the most devastating moment in my life.”

The penalty caused Will Davison and Jonathan Webb to win instead, and the Win Cup was demoted to 11th place.

The controversy was not over yet with a triple-eight appeal against a time penalty dismissed by the Supercars National Court of Appeals nine days later.

Wincup was punished for “careless driving” in his first case with McLaughlin.

“It was painful. It was the biggest race of the year and I did everything I could to be on top,” Wincup said., Looking back on the 2017 drama.

“Sure, I haven’t done anything differently than before, and I won’t do it in the future.

“The day a racing driver misses a chance is probably the day when he should wear a helmet and give his position to someone who seizes the chance.

“That movement [on McLaughlin] It was on every day. It doesn’t matter if it was the biggest race or the smallest race of the year. It doesn’t really matter. “

What it did was to prove the inherently unpredictable nature of Bassert, a painful reminder of Wincup.

Jamie Wincup arrived at the county court with Larry Perkins and challenged Bassert’s suspension.Photo: Jake NowakowskiSource: News Corp Australia

2014-Mostert Miracles and Kangaroo Witness Information

If you want to prove how wide the Bassert Field is, it’s the 2014 Chaz Mostert victory.

In Mostert’s miracle race, he started from the last place on the grid and finished in the first four seconds in front of James Moffat.

Mostert had just made his second start in the classic race and didn’t take the lead until he overtook the wincup on the final lap.

Holdenster himself had a good drive and went from 23rd on the grid towards the front, but couldn’t get over the line in the end.

The same was not true for Mostert, who made history with his first victory at Bassert. No driver has won this event since the 19th.

“From the 26th to the beginning, it’s incredible. Everything went well,” Mostert said after the race.

The year was a drama-filled race with a total of eight retirements and a record 10 safety car interventions.

One of the safety cars was triggered after Holden Commodore of Luke Jordan clipped the kangaroo while traveling along the mountain straight.

It took an hour to stop to repair the damaged part of the road surface.

Kangaroos have made many escapes over the years, others were not so lucky. Photo: Channel 7Source: News Limited

Year 2005-Battle against the outflow of Bassert

This is a very hot rival and was almost hit in 2005.

Marcos Ambrose and Greg Murphy were caught up in a tense conflict halfway through Mount Panorama after the cars gathered on lap 144.

Ambrose tried to overtake Kiwi in one of the narrowest sections of the truck, but the two clashed.

The temper was inflamed as both drivers were threatened with a physical collision, as they were approaching the leader and existing rivals already existed.

Fortunately, both left before that happened, but Murphy wasn’t afraid to start a few verbal blows later and called his rivals for having “ego problems.” I was scared.

Greg Murphy and Marcos Ambrose collided. Pic Channel Ten network.Motor racing / accidentSource: News Corp Australia

“We were racing for it, and I thought he would do the right job and give me a race room around the corner,” he said at the time. rice field.

“He decided I had to give way, and that happened. He nailed me to the wall and I swirled around him. Bloody stupid if you ask me ..

“I’m pretty angry. The whole thing is typical and he doesn’t think it’s his fault.

“He has an ego problem. We all know about it, and it has grown its ugly head again today.”

Ambrose was less enthusiastic about his reaction and refused to engage in the war of words, but added, “As always, Greg’s fault is nothing.”

Video stills of a V8 supercar caught behind a spectacular Ambrose-Murphy crashed at Mount Panorama during the Bathurst 1000. Credit: Network Ten (10).Source: News Corp Australia

2003-Murphy’s greatest ever “rap of the gods”

Eighteen years later, Greg Murphy’s stunning basser straps are still one of the most memorable moments in motorsport history.

The Mount Panorama course is challenging for both humans and machines, pushing drivers to the limit and pushing Murphy to an immortal position.

Murphy is considered the Mountain Messiah, the respected figure of the Bassert heroes, with Kiwi setting a record qualifying time of 2.06.8794.

He cut a second from his previous best time, and during that 126 seconds the time was stationary until Murphy finished straight into a standing ovation.

“I can’t believe the time, I’m just shivering,” Murphy said at the time.

“The car was good and I knew I had to push hard to beat Mark (Skaife) and JB, especially when he heard a roar at the end of the pit lane when he finished the lap. . “

Almost 20 years later, Murphy’s remarkable rap still retains its legendary position and attracts fans as a testament to its long-standing importance.

Celebrated by Greg Murphy, driver of Kmart Holden Commodore. Pick Cameron Tandy. Motor Racing P /Source: News Corp Australia

Date, time, viewing method, best moments, Jamie Whincup, Chaz Mostert, Supercars News, Preview

Source link Date, time, viewing method, best moments, Jamie Whincup, Chaz Mostert, Supercars News, Preview

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