Daniel Ricciardo counterattacks rival Carlos Sainz’s “dirty” accusation, results in US Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo defended his driving style after his rivals accused him of “dirty” behavior at the United States Grand Prix.

The Australian performed strongly to finish fifth at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas, but it was his long race against Carlos Sainz that drew attention.

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With a wild start to the race, Ricardo climbed to 5th place, lagging behind 7th place as Ferrari and McLaren teammate Lando Norris removed him from the run.

But before the opening lap was over, the Australians returned to fifth place thanks to a bold overtaking. That’s where he stayed most of the race before finding himself in a fight with Sainz to maintain his position on the final lap.

With 13 laps remaining, Sainz started to move and tried a long way around Ricardo in the corner, but it didn’t work. The pair touched and Sainz remained stuck on the outside, so he couldn’t get through.

Spanish Accused of nudge his rivals out of the way Maintains track position.

“It’s a little dirty. He did it on purpose,” Sainz, who was angry, said on the team’s radio.

Sainz explained that he would have done the same if he was in Ricardo’s position, noting that it was difficult to clear the air after the race and overtake him from the outside position.

Carlos Sainz was not impressed with Daniel Ricciardo’s tactics. (Photo by Jim Watson / AFP)Source: AFP

“In my opinion, the inner guy always deliberately does this kind of thing and tries to squeeze the outer guy,” he said. “I would have done the same.

“The problem is that the contact got a little rough. I think he was able to clean it up a bit because I almost spun.

“But that’s all good. If I were in his position, I would have done the same. It was a good fight.

“Clearly he hit me, so it’s tough and fair in marginal races, and sometimes it’s a little too much.”

Sainz drifted too far to try another overtake, and Ricardo remained calm and crossed the line in 5th place, so he wasn’t repeatedly attacked when he was dying.

After the race, Ricardo said he enjoyed a fierce duel with Sainz.

“The first lap was a lot of fun,” he said. “I first got Carlos I think, and he got me back with a good move out (turn) from 6 to 7.

“And I put him back on turn 17, so there were three types of position changes on the first lap, which was cool, but it’s important for me to win the top five today. bottom.

“Charles (Leclerc) showed that Ferrari was faster. I couldn’t keep up with that pace today, so obviously that’s what we still have to find. But Defeating one of them is very rewarding.

“And (Sainz) made a good attack in the second half of the race, and we obviously lined up and hit a few wheels, so it was a lot of fun and we had to cling to everything we could. was.”

When Sainz was asked what he thought about labeling defensive moves as “dirty,” Ricardo said it was a compliment, an aggressive driver who removed Mickey from himself and ridiculed his claims in the process. Sainz said he was happy to be considered.

Ricardo is happy to drive the dirty. Photo: Chris Greisen / Getty Images / AFPSource: AFP

“Obviously, you don’t knowingly try to get in someone, but it’s obviously a bit of a friction race,” he said.

“It’s cool. I’m glad it gets dirty. I’m a good person, so it’s okay to get dirty from time to time!”

The 32-year-old admitted that it was very difficult to keep Sainz away, especially in the second half of the race when his tires began to deteriorate.

“It was definitely tricky when I got out of the pits with the new set, because it had a little more grip,” Ricardo said.

“But if you use it early, it will fall even faster. It was a race I never thought I could push.

“We mean we’re pushing, but that’s just what the tires can do. So sure, there were some laps you’re pulling a bit, I’ll push more or not mosquito?

“And when Carlos came and started attacking me further, I had to push, so sometimes there wasn’t much left there.”

Ricardo is currently just 17.5 points below Sainz in the 7th place in the drivers ranking.

Competition between teams in the Constructors’ Championship is just as fierce, with McLaren just 3.5 points ahead of Ferrari, with five races remaining this season.

Daniel Ricciardo counterattacks rival Carlos Sainz’s “dirty” accusation, results in US Grand Prix

Source link Daniel Ricciardo counterattacks rival Carlos Sainz’s “dirty” accusation, results in US Grand Prix

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