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Daniel Craig says he’s going to a gay bar to avoid fighting in a straight venue | Daniel Craig

From his portrayal of the more vulnerable Bond to him Celis suit jacket On the red carpet, Daniel Craig revealed that he worked hard to disobey the expectations of masculinity, so actors like to visit gay bars often to avoid “aggressive dick swings” in heterospace. At that time, I was hardly surprised.

“As far as I can remember, I went to the gay bar,” Craig said at lunch with the podcast Bruce. “One of the reasons is that there aren’t many gay bar fights.”

The 53-year-old said he started going to gay bars when he was young because he wanted to avoid “punching up” while he was out at night.

Craig, who has been married to Rachel Weisz for 10 years, also said that when he was single, it was a good way to meet women.

“”[Gay bars] It’s a good place to go, “he said. “Everyone, everyone was cold. You really didn’t have to state your sexuality. It was OK. And it was a very safe place. And I was able to meet the girl there. There are a lot of girls out there for exactly the same reason I was there. That was a kind of behind-the-scenes motive. “

Craig, who starred with Jason Isaacs in the American Angels, a Pulitzer Prize-winning play about homosexuality with American AIDS in the 1980s, is always happy to break the boundaries of his sexuality.

He told Stephen Colbert that he had kissed all of his key men after telling No Time to Die villain Rami Malek that he had shared a playful smoothness after the rehearsal. When he said, he recently spun fans. “The problem is that it just breaks the ice,” Craig said.

Comments on his podcast were greatly welcomed by the queer community on Thursday, but some were offended by his attempt to meet a woman in the gay space. “OK, the last bit is a bit gross, but I ended up pulling it because no one of us took a straight friend to the gay bar,” said Queer Culture Magazine. glue..

Craig and his old friend Bruce Bozzi, the host of the podcast, also remembered being photographed hugging outside a gay bar in Venice Beach, California in 2010.

“We are tactile and love each other. We hug each other, it’s okay. We’re two fucking grown-up men,” Craig said. “For me, that was one of those situations. Ironically, we were caught. I think it was a bit strange because we weren’t doing anything wrong.

“What happened, we had a nice night. When my life changed and I got drunk, I was telling you about my life. Out.'”

Viral TikTok post last month Caused controversy Whether you need to book a gay space for LGBTQ + community members. Heterosexuals weighted to explain that queer spaces make them feel safe, but others said gay clubs were being used as “aesthetics” by those who didn’t need them. ..

Craig recently won a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. No Time to Die has earned over £ 50m in UK box office revenue after just a two-week weekend and is already one of the top 10 Bond movie sales.

Daniel Craig says he’s going to a gay bar to avoid fighting in a straight venue | Daniel Craig

Source link Daniel Craig says he’s going to a gay bar to avoid fighting in a straight venue | Daniel Craig

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