Dalwitch Hill Public School Warns Squid Game

An elementary school in Sydney’s Inner West urged parents not to let their children watch the squid game after the students imitated the squid game in the playground.

An elementary school in Sydney’s Inner West urged parents not to let their children watch Netflix’s super-violent squid game after 6- and 7-year-old students imitated the game on the playground.

Korean survival dramas have swept the world and the internet. There, cash-deficient players compete in deadly tasks inspired by playground games against the backdrop of dark dystopia.

Warnings are issued by schools around the world, including the United Kingdom, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom: Report of students playing “unhealthy and dangerous” games Inspired by the series.

A similar message to parents was sent today by Linda Wickham, Principal of Dalwich Hill Public School.

“”Squid game It features scenes depicting extreme violence, bloodshed, strong language, and horrifying moments, which, according to its reputation, is not suitable for elementary and high school children, “Wickham wrote.

“Aggressive versions of the familiar children’s game, red and green lights, will be played in the series. This and other inappropriate content is having a negative impact on the playground game.”

“Red Light, Green Light” is a MA-rated show that will be the most watched series on Netflix to date. Participants walk towards the murder doll after calling for a “green light”. When the dolls shout “red light”, the competitors need to freeze before the dummies turn-otherwise they will be shot dead.

Ms. Wickham asked parents to change Netflix settings to prevent children from watching the show and to closely monitor online activity to further minimize exposure.

“Violent language and aggressive behavior can easily be imitated by children, especially outside your home or in larger spaces in school playgrounds,” she added.

“Reducing a child’s ability to access inappropriate content certainly helps keep the child safe and the growing mind healthy.”

In a long post on Facebook earlier this week, safe on social media, a national cyber safety educator, said “some schools” had recently contacted them and expressed concern. Squid game..

“message Squid game Not suitable for young teens and tweens.Parents need to know that the level of violence is very high Squid game, And it’s not suitable for young teens or elementary school kids, “they write.

“Adults have an overwhelmingly positive review of this series, but there is a lot of torture and murder that seems to be celebrated. The concept of ultra-rich people taking advantage of the misery of poor and desperate humans. Is certainly not new to horror … the amount of killing is horrifying and the method is terrible. ”

The group advised parents to “see it first and then talk to your child about the subject if you decide to let them see it.”

“Consider extreme violence, gambling, and desensitization that may affect addiction,” they added.

“Know to children and students that playing such violent games at school is fine in any situation.”

Rose Cantari, a child psychologist and head of the New South Wales branch of the Australian Parents’ Council, said: Age She hadn’t seen the show, but had heard about the violence.

“The concern is that kids bring it to the playground, where they apply those types of things in their games,” said Dr. Kantari.

“This virtual game is very impressive to them. They take on the characters and begin to imitate what they are doing.

“Children are very impressive and in these games you may not be able to tell the difference between virtual and real.

“My advice to parents is to watch the show their kids are watching. This is essential, it encourages excessive violence and minimizes the series where kids can easily participate in characters and games. It is to suppress. ”

at first Dalwitch Hill Public School Warns Squid Game

Dalwitch Hill Public School Warns Squid Game

Source link Dalwitch Hill Public School Warns Squid Game

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