Current Incident: Kamal opens to marriage collapse, additional struggle

Famous singer Kamal admits that his chronic “addiction” may have played a role in the collapse of his 55-year marriage.

The iconic singer Kamal talks about the worsening of his marriage and admits that a unique “addiction” probably contributed to it.

The Malaysian-born singer had been married to his wife Sahodra for 55 years before moving away earlier this year.

Kamal made a sad announcement in a new interview with New idea Earlier this month he confessed that he was “praying” for a reconciliation.

Speak in Current eventsThe 87-year-old, in addition to previous comments that his fame is distracting him “from what really matters,” is due to the separation of his unique addiction to himself and his social media. I said that I am doing it.

“I was isolated on my computer,” he said, revealing that he was spending up to five hours a day scrolling through social media.

“I think she was sick and tired. I’m crazy about politics. I tweet from morning till night … I’m paying a terrible price for it.”

Kamal, who said his musical inspiration came from being “incurable romantic”, has gifts waiting for his ex-wife, but I don’t know if she wants them. Hmm.

“She may throw it back at me, but I’m going to give it to her anyway,” he said.

“She really is the wind under my wings. I now realize that I was probably not the most attentive husband.

“Fame can do that-it can distract you from what really matters. But she’s really all about me, so I cross everything so I can handle this rough patch. I’m continuing.

“After all, I’m a sinner. She’s a saint.”

Kamal and Sahodra have two children. His son Rajan (52) and daughter Lani (50) enjoyed a short pop career in the late 90’s.

He said he and Sahodra were “close” despite the division.

“Thankfully, things are cheerful. We meet each other on a regular basis. She still makes incredibly delicious lamb shank every two weeks,” Kamal said. rice field.

The singer’s latest interview came after his public accusations of the treatment he received. Hey hey it’s saturday In the 1980s. A resurfaced clip, including one of the defenseless Kamal, ambushed in the middle of the song and struck with a white powder puff. Insufficient online reception..

Kamal admitted that being exposed to racist jokes on variety shows was “painful,” noting that the same gag would not have been played by a white performer.

Appeared in Studio 10 This month he tells the story:

“The reason is because I succeeded … they couldn’t understand it … it’s a form of envy, jealousy, hatred. It was their form of cutting down Tall Poppy.

“It hurts, of course it hurts. It’s terrible to be humiliated. I know they don’t hit the faces of John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes with powder puffs, but the root is that I’m successful for them. It was too much … If I weren’t there, they wouldn’t have done anything. “

Daryl Somers publicly apologized to Kamal as the turmoil over the clip that resurfaced in March of this year intensified, and the show said, “No one tried to offend.” Hey Hey The team does not tolerate racism in any way. “

Initially published as follows Kamal opens the door to the collapse of marriage and the struggle for addiction

Current Incident: Kamal opens to marriage collapse, additional struggle

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