Cummins emphasizes why it was a blessed summer for bowlers

England’s last pass in Australia without scoring 300 points was in 1958-58, Australia’s two greatest players, Alan Davidson’s left arm swing and skipper Richie Benaud. It was when they were sewn together by Benaud’s leg spin.

Due to conscious efforts to secure more bowler pitches, the tests are a bit extra tense, especially on the traditionally flat surfaces of Melbourne and Sydney, and it feels like something is always going to happen. increase.

Scott Borland takes the ticket gate of Olly Pope. credit:AP

That tension rose to new heights during the fourth test in Sydney on the last day’s grip, which was rated at millions. Thanks to the constant presence of La Niña’s hands, England lost 60 overs in the final wicket after the match, resulting in an exciting draw as a result of the most unique cricket.

Whether biased or not, this series has increased the value of the run and enhanced the achievement of a substantial score.

The dynamic and counter-attacking centuries-old heads of the first and last tests to bookend the series went against Ash’s folklore as brave and brilliant, against the conditions for changing the game. Will appear.


Usman Khawaja did the same in Sydney as a replacement for Covid’s trapped head, creating a century with each inning to celebrate his first test of two and a half years.

These well-kept pitches created a fairy tale out of nowhere. The prelude was Jhye Richardson, who insists on a five-second inning wicket in Adelaide. After two years of rehab, he set foot on the injured Josh Hazelwood.

However, the main event was Scott Boland, a 32-year-old Victorian Journeyman and the second indigenous man who played test cricket in Australia.

Making his debut in front of a crowd in his home during a Boxing Day test is a fairy tale enough for any Victorian person. Taking 6-7 in 2 innings and becoming the best player is a dream.


Creating an MCG pitch that encouraged summer functional testing to last a little over two days might seem a bit extravagant, but bowlers rented wickets and the rest after years of Batterson. I did.

Another noble effort in Sydney and Borland entered this test with 14 wickets on average less than 9 after overcoming rib complaints to present another perfect performance.

But most of all these sports pitch celebrations are to celebrate the first time in 144 years for test cricket, a fast bowler as the permanent captain of the Australian team.

It was clear that the cricket gods were still smiling at Australia’s fast bowlers when Cummins locked captain’s counterpart Joe Root forward in another unplayable offcut and demanded a third wicket. ..

Cummins emphasizes why it was a blessed summer for bowlers

Source link Cummins emphasizes why it was a blessed summer for bowlers

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