Craig McLachlan’s defamation trial begins when the jury shows “goo freel”

Craig McLachlan kissed a colleague on the set, made a “sexual mention”, put down his pants and posed with a carrot in a courtroom footage when the Australian actor’s defamation trial began. Was seen.

McLachlan, 56, claimed former co-star Christie Weeran Brown and misrepresented ABC and Fairfax Media in January 2018 to attack and sexually harass colleagues, including Weeran Brown. He claims to have damaged his honor. During the 2014 run of the Musical Rocky Horror Show, I bullied another female colleague.

He denies that claim.

The four juries were appointed Monday morning and were put on trial for four weeks, during which time they spoke with more than 30 witnesses before deciding whether their meaning would be conveyed by news articles. ..

Camera iconCraig McCraclan has arrived in an adjacent court with his partner Vanessa Scamel, who is expected to testify on his behalf. NCA NewsWire / Damian Shaw credit: News Corp Australia

The press said the publications did not have the meaning McLachlan claimed, and if so, those things were true.

“Your job is to decide two things: were they conveyed? If so, were they true?” Judge Carolyn Simpson told the jury.

Barrister Kieran Smark, SC, on behalf of Mr. McClarklan, told the jury that the actor would provide evidence to the court about his long career on stage and in front of the camera.

Smark called the media article about McLachlan “a two-sided attack on him by two powerful media organizations” and said the defamation trial was an opportunity for the actor to respond.

“The proceedings were brought to court because they were the place to respond to the powerful attacks McLachlan made against him and his reputation,” Smark said.

Camera iconMr McLachlan’s barrister said the proceedings were an opportunity for actors to respond to media coverage. NCA NewsWire / Damian Shaw credit: News Corp Australia

The jury was told to expect extensive evidence related to the 2014 run of the Rocky Horror Show, showing some of the video recordings of the performance in Perth.

Smark said there is also evidence related to Dr. Break Mystery, an ABC show shot by McLachlan in 2014.

“McLachlan’s proof is about the atmosphere of the set … how things work during the shoot,” Smark said.

To explain part of that mood, Smark played a 12-minute “goofle” compiled by the show’s producers to the jury, stating that the actors and crew were “prowling” between takes. Shown.

“You will get some sense of predominant friendship and high spirit,” Smark said.

Behind the scenes rocky horror
Camera iconMcLachlan played Frank-N-Ferter at the Rocky Horror Show. credit: News Corp Australia, Calum Robertson

“Before I play, I need to warn you that there are frequent vulgar words and sexual mentions … I’m not trying to offend you. That’s part of the evidence.

“And when you see something sticking out of Mr. McLachlan’s pants, it’s a carrot and just let you know.”

This edit shows McLachlan making a frowning and comedy noise on the camera, including repeated shots of him kissing his male and female colleagues with his face, mouth, and arms. rice field.

Lille also showed that Mr. McLachlan repeatedly referred to number 69 and was joking about the number when it appeared on the clapperboard that the crew had.

“You aren’t the one who doesn’t know that?” I heard him talking to a colleague in one of the clips.

After the clip was over, Mr. Smark told the jury “clearly not publicly broadcast.”

“Some of the evidence I expect (McLachlan) is that the way actors deal with each other and the stress of acting is a bit different from other workplaces,” he continued.

McLachlan will appear in court and provide evidence later this week.

Craig McLachlan’s defamation trial begins when the jury shows “goo freel”

Source link Craig McLachlan’s defamation trial begins when the jury shows “goo freel”

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