COVID WA Updates: Queensland couples are positive after arriving by plane from Brisbane

COVID crossed WA’s harsh borders and two positive cases were identified by interstate visitors.

A couple in their thirties flew from Queensland before the state was raised to moderate risk.

The couple arrived in Perth on December 19th from Brisbane on Virgin Australia’s VA470 flight.

They had never spent time in the community and went directly into quarantine at a home in eastern Perth with four relatives.

So far, all four relatives have been tested negative for COVID.

It is not yet known if the couple has the Omicron strain of the virus.

New exposure sites include Perth Airport from 10 pm to 11 pm on Sundays and the Seven-Eleven Store in Midland on Mondays at 12 pm.

Camera iconMidland Seven-Eleven is one of the new exposure sites. credit: Google map

The WA Health Department states that anyone who visits at that time should monitor for signs of COVID-19 and be tested and quarantined if symptoms occur.

This is because doctors fear that one of WA’s largest regional hospitals is at risk of buckling under the weight of potential COVID outbreaks when the border is reopened on February 5.

Western Australia Report Leaked letter From the Southwestern Clinical Staff Association to Health Director David Russell-Weisz, clinicians have warned that Banbury Hospital is at risk of being overwhelmed due to its very low staff level.

That’s when they first survive the Christmas period, given that they are working on a 50% shortage of consultants and an additional 25% of registrars.

Doctors clearly warned that emergency care would be “significantly compromised” during the festival season due to staff shortages, and were worried about the lack of available locum, which accounts for half of the workforce.

The letter also fixes the “serious shortage” of nursing staff to low morale and overwork. It also suggested that reports of a terrible toxic culture that surfaced earlier this year damaged the hospital’s reputation and made recruitment difficult.

However, the health boss sought to eradicate allegations made after meeting with more than 50 doctors in late November.

In a rare joint response, Dr. Russell Wise and WA Country Health Services Chairman Neilphone said they did not accept letters expressing the views of a wider range of healthcare professionals.

“The proposal that Country WA is not ready to face the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic undermines the continued dedication and commitment of all healthcare professionals in the Western Australia region,” they said.

COVID WA Updates: Queensland couples are positive after arriving by plane from Brisbane

Source link COVID WA Updates: Queensland couples are positive after arriving by plane from Brisbane

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