Covid vaccine patch that is more effective than needles

The Covid-19 vaccine patch, developed in Australia, has been found to be far more effective at protecting against new variants of the virus than needles.

Researchers at the University of Queensland have tested mice with high-density microarray patches from Brisbane’s biotechnology company Vaxxas. It was used to administer the Hexapro SARS-CoV-2 spike vaccine.

They found that they were about 11 times more effective in the fight against Omicron mutants than the same vaccine given through a needle.

“The high-density microarray patch is a vaccine delivery platform that accurately delivers vaccines to layers of skin rich in immune cells,” explained Dr. Christopher McMillan of UQ.

This result provides hope for more effective protection against Covid mutants, which vaccine researchers have struggled to maintain top.

“A large number of mutations allow the virus to evade the immune response produced by current vaccines,” said Dr. David Muller of UQ.

“But patch technology has the potential to provide our arsenal with new and more effective weapons when new variants are changing rapidly.”

Positive results extend beyond the Hexapro vaccine, and so far all vaccine types, including subunits, DNA, inactivated viruses, and conjugates, have been tested via patches and have a better immune response than needles. I got it.

Vaxxas CEO David Hoey said the company is expanding its manufacturing capacity, including a new facility in Brisbane, with the goal of conducting large-scale clinical trials of the patch.

He added that the technology could play a role in enabling international response to global health emergencies, including current and future pandemics.

at first Covid patch that is more effective than a needle

Covid vaccine patch that is more effective than needles

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