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COVID Vaccine Factory A man imprisoned for fear of a bomb

A man who sent suspicious luggage to the COVID-19 vaccine factory in Wrexham, Wales was sentenced to two years and three months in prison on November 24. After the ruling, Kent Police released a body cam footage of Anthony Collins, 54, in Chatham. Hill was arrested in January. In a statement, police said Collins had temporarily suspended production of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine at the Wokhart plant. According to police, Collins’ luggage was delivered by a postal worker on Wednesday, January 27, and the staff member who received it immediately became suspicious and contacted the police. After that, preventive evacuation of all buildings was carried out and bomb disposal experts were called in. A robot was used to move the item to a safe place before the controlled explosion took place. It was later confirmed that the package did not contain any viable explosives. “Various pieces of paper, including a few pages of scientific manuals and calculators, have been removed from the parcel. There was also a letter to Collins and a receipt for the supermarket transaction,” police said. CCTV showing supermarket transactions was also obtained by police. A search for the address where Collins was arrested found a science book with missing pages. According to police, the page was the same as the parcel page. During detention, Kent police said Collins allowed the luggage to be sent and provided details of the contents. “Despite sending the package, he denied that he intended to create a horror of bombs, and instead claimed that he believed that the items he posted would be useful to those who work in the factory. He admitted that he knew that his actions could cause vigilance, “the police added. Collins refused to post the article with the intention of inducing a belief that it could explode or ignite, but was convicted after a trial at the Maidstone Criminal Court.Credit: Kent Police via Storyful

COVID Vaccine Factory A man imprisoned for fear of a bomb

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