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Covid measures give us a choice.They Do Not Limit British Life | Stephen Reicher

NSEverything is growing for the government to introduce additional measures to contain Covid. Finally, these are the NHS Federation, the British Medical Association, McMillan Cancer, the Behavior and Modeling Subcommittee of the Emergency Science Group Sage, the President of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the President of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Gynecologist. , Regional Public Health Director, Mayor of a big city.yet The government responded By saying that there is no need for restrictions, and that it opposes blockades in all ways.

What we are talking about here is not just the decision not to act, but the way the framework of government issues helps justify that decision. COVID measures Characterized as Covid limit or Blockade.. It allows action seekers to be characterized as fanatics who want to get rid of our freedom while the government remains “normal” while demonstrating its position as an advocate of our freedom. increase.

This is an effective strategy. After all, who wants the blockade? So if it’s labeled as a blockade supporter, you’re probably out of dispute. And the reason this pointing strategy is gaining momentum is that it’s echoing most media, perhaps as a result of more thoughtlessness than collusion. Almost every day, journalists ask if people accept the new Covid restrictions.

So, if you need to answer all these questions and list the most important new measures needed to supplement the vaccine and reduce infection, this would be: Appropriate for all indoor public spaces: Ensure good ventilation Even a large number of indoor gatherings About the spread of infection; We also limit the number of contacts people have through protection-based measures rather than restrictions. This is because doubling the number of contacts doubles the number of people each infected or can become infected. NS Immensa Lab Scandal As shown, it is very harmful if a large number of infected people continue to circulate within the community.

For ventilation, we will introduce a system that displays the status of “clean air” in all public spaces, much like displaying hygiene in the kitchen of a restaurant. Also, improve your message so that people know how important it is and when it’s safe. This is not a limit. It’s protection. It does not limit your choices. On the contrary, by increasing the number of safe spaces, it gives us more choices.

To limit social contact, I give people the option to work from home as much as possible. Mixed study It indicates that there were an average of 11 or 12 contacts per day before the pandemic. This spring, it dropped to three. After that, it sneaked up to four in the summer, and now it is about five. But this is not because people are becoming more sociable. It depends primarily on people who mix in the workplace, whether they want it or not. Of course, it is impossible for anyone to work from home. But give people a choice. Again, this is not a limitation issue, but a protection issue. And it increases choices, not restrictions.

Finally, to enhance self-separation (without significantly wasting all the money spent on testing and tracing), I do the obvious thing.It’s been done Asked since the pandemic beganAnd which government has consistently ignored it. I provide comprehensive support for people to stay at home: proper financial support, hotel accommodation support for people in crowded multi-generational households, practical support (eg, take care) If you are responsible or need to walk your dog), and emotional support.

Former Health Minister Matt Hancock is notorious for refusing such measures because people could “abuse the system.” Such contempt for the people has come at a huge cost. Obviously, there are no restrictions here either. These provisions will give people the choice to do what they are required to do to stay home.

I certainly do not suggest that these are the only measures needed. The requirement to wear a mask in a crowded area has some restrictions. However, if everyone wears a mask, this offers more options overall, especially for vulnerable people who find it unsafe to leave the house. However, masks do not constitute a blockade, and three-quarters of the population support wearing masks.

I suggest that it is useless for the discussion in “Plan B” to focus on measures such as wearing masks and to characterize the plan as limiting, or worse, blocking.

To complement the deployment of the vaccine, what is now needed is a range of protection and support measures to reduce the harm caused by Covid and relieve pressure on the NHS. To clarify that, politicians and journalists need to restructure the way they talk about pandemics. Stop asking: Will the masses stick to the limits? Ask instead: Does the government protect and support the people to keep each other safe?

The real irony is that this raises the possibility by confusing protection with blockade, reducing infections, keeping people safe, and refusing to implement the protection needed to relieve pressure on the NHS. Sage pointed out this monthIn the future, stricter measures will be required.

Eventually (and as we saw last year), the true blockade will be a “do nothing” party.

Covid measures give us a choice.They Do Not Limit British Life | Stephen Reicher

Source link Covid measures give us a choice.They Do Not Limit British Life | Stephen Reicher

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