Covid-19: Queensland Parliament Flags Parliamentarians and Staff Jabman Dates

The Queensland Parliament has flagged a jabman date that could keep all unvaccinated politicians, staff, and guests out of the corridor of power.

The proposed policy was announced after Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek was accused of double standards on a wide range of state vaccine requirements for hospitality facilities, stadiums and galleries.

From December 17th, or when Queensland reaches a double vaccination rate of 80%, visitors to almost any venue will need to prove that they have received the jab.

The movement is Widely celebrated Health experts have led to a surge in the state’s slumping vaccine rates.

However, Katter’s Australian party Robbie Katter said the policy did not apply to MPs and their staff, creating a “two-part society.”

Camera iconRobbie Cutter wants Queenslander to have a Covid-19 vaccine option. NCA NewsWire / Jono Searle credit: News Corp Australia

He told reporters Wednesday that the policy had infuriated members of the Queensland region.

“Many of them will now turn into quasi-guards, especially in rural and remote areas, as there is no way for police or anyone else to support this,” said Traeger members.

“They have no ability to help people with what’s to come. There will be tension.”

After the Prime Minister’s mission was declared, the state’s vaccination rate rose rapidly and was fully vaccinated to nearly 72%.

Currently, the 80% target and open borders are expected to occur up to a week earlier than the December 17 target.

Premier presser
Camera iconQueensland plans to open its borders earlier than its December 17th target. NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled credit: News Corp Australia

Parliamentarian Neil Laurie told NCA NewsWire that authorities are focusing on imposing duties on parliamentarians and staff.

“The speaker and I are considering both the obligation to vaccinate staff and the obligation to access the precincts,” he said.

“In the past, it was our preference to encourage and encourage vaccination, but we recognize that this may not be sufficient to ensure vaccination and fulfill our duty of care. “

Beginning December 17, only fully vaccinated individuals will be able to access the following sites in Queensland:

  • Hospitality facilities such as pubs, clubs, hotels, bars and restaurants
  • Queensland Government Stadium
  • Entertainment facilities with live music and karaoke bar
  • Indoor and outdoor music festivals
  • Government-owned galleries, museums and libraries
  • Elderly care, hospitals, prisons, and disability services, excluding end-of-life, childbirth, or emergencies

Covid-19: Queensland Parliament Flags Parliamentarians and Staff Jabman Dates

Source link Covid-19: Queensland Parliament Flags Parliamentarians and Staff Jabman Dates

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