COVID-19 faces more work for Australian security team

Two-thirds of Australian IT security professionals agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in non-security IT workloads. Sophos..

According to a report from the company’s IT security team, the cybersecurity workloads of the Australian IT security team have also increased in 68% of respondents.

However, despite the increased workload, 67% of respondents reported that the team’s morale had improved during 2020.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has allowed IT security professionals to further improve their team’s cybersecurity knowledge and skills for 73% of survey participants.

However, due to the sophistication of threats posed by pandemics and other factors, 52% say they have experienced more complex attacks than they can handle on their own. With this growing threat, 82% of Australian respondents expect AI technology to help address the growing number of attacks.

Chester Wisniewski, Principal Research Scientist at Sophos, said:

“In particular, educational institutions can study online, retailers can switch to online transactions, medical institutions can provide digital services and care under extremely difficult conditions, and public institutions can continue to provide essential services. I did it.

“Most of this is fast, limited equipment and resources available, and faces an increasing trend of cyberattacks on networks, endpoints, and employees.”

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COVID-19 faces more work for Australian security team

Source link COVID-19 faces more work for Australian security team

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