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Court ordered the French government to “repair” carbon emission overshoots | France

A French court ordered the government to make up for its failure to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets, saying it needed to “repair” its emission overshoot.

Four NGOs backed by a petition signed by 2.3 million people French They appeared in court in 2019, what they called the “Century Case,” and asked judges to rule on the shortcomings of the government’s alleged climate goals from 2015 to 2018.

Thursday’s Paris Administrative Court discovered France During that period, we exceeded the target and emitted 15 m tons of CO2.

He ordered Prime Minister Jean Castex and his government to take steps to “repair the damage” caused by the failure to compensate for excess emissions.

The court set a deadline of 31 December 2022 to set things right, leaving the government to decide how to achieve this.

The court ruled that France had it and had already accepted the plaintiff’s reasoning in February. Did not respect its own “carbon balance” It is based on the United Nations Climate Agreement signed in Paris in December 2015.

But on Thursday, a provision was added that if the deadline is not met, a fine of € 78 million (£ 66 million) will be imposed every six months until the goal is fully achieved.

“We won,” tweeted Cécile Dufro, a former government minister and now head of Oxfam France, and Jean-Francois Juilliard, director of Greenpeace France.

“The government is now forced to keep France’s climate change promises,” said Notre Affaire à Tous, a third plaintiff who fights environmental protection breaches through proceedings.

The fourth plaintiff, Fondation Nicolas Hulot, created by the former Minister of the Environment of President Emmanuel Macron, said:

This ruling is the latest in a series of court decisions that pressure France to achieve its own environmental goals.

In July, the French Supreme Administrative Court, the State Legislature, Ordered the government to take action by March 31, 2022 Respect our commitment in terms of greenhouse gas reduction.

France has promised a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and will reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

The binding treaty of the 2015 Paris Agreement called for a global heating limit of 2C, and “preferably” 1.5C, above pre-industrial levels. Based on progress so far, experts say the world is currently unlikely to reach either goal and is heading closer to 3C instead.

Court ordered the French government to “repair” carbon emission overshoots | France

Source link Court ordered the French government to “repair” carbon emission overshoots | France

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