Courage Award for New Zealand Terrorist Heroes

The two kiwis were awarded New Zealand’s highest brave honor for lifesaving efforts during the Christchurch Mosque attack.

The New Zealand Cross for Courage (equivalent to the Victoria Cross) goes to Abdul Aziz and after death to Naim Rashid.

This is the first time a cross has been awarded since the 1999 medal concept.

In the enthusiastic scene of the Noor Mosque, Dr. Rashid summoned incredible strength in the face of Australian terrorist Brenton Tarant.

When the talent killed a fellow worshiper, Dr. Rashid rushed to him and slammed him on the ground before being executed by the talent.

When the Royal Commission launched an attack, it was found that Dr. Rashid’s actions allowed at least seven worshipers to flee the mosque.

His widow, Ambrine Name, said her husband “in such a difficult situation, knew the consequences and tackled hatred.”

“By doing so, he took eternal life. Today we cannot see him, but he has spread the message of peace and love around the world,” she said in a statement.

“This award is for him, not just for all peace lovers who face hatred.”

Aziz played his hero at the Lynnwood Islamic Center, the second mosque targeted on March 15, 2019, and threw an EFTPOS machine at Tarant to scare him.

The talent fired at least three bullets at Mr. Aziz, who picked up the discarded rifle and scared him into the car. Aziz was subsequently arrested by police.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Mr Aziz supported his community and completely ignored his well-being.

“Mr. Aziz’s actions discouraged gunmen from re-entering the Lynnwood Islamic Center and eventually let him escape,” she said.

“The courage shown by these New Zealanders was selfless and extraordinary. They have our deep respect and gratitude for their actions of the day.”

Others, including Liam Beer, who made a life-saving emergency after finding himself at the murder scene, were awarded other brave awards sitting under the New Zealand cross.

Senior Constable Eric Carmody and Senior Constable Jim Manning were commended for stopping and arresting the talent.

Ziyaad Shah was also awarded New Zealand brave decoration for pretending to be dead after being shot twice during the slaughter to protect another injured.

Courage Award for New Zealand Terrorist Heroes

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