Council Elections: Newcastle Independent Launches $ 42 Million Plan to Replace Six Surf Clubs | Newcastle Herald

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Newcastle Independent has launched a bold $ 42 million plan to replace all six surf clubs in the city. The Alliance’s Newcastle Council election candidates will meet at the Merewether Surf Life Saving Club on Friday and, if elected, will promote work in the next council. The work program includes spending an estimated $ 7 million on each club, in the order Merewether and Newcastle. Other surf clubs in the municipal area are Stockton, Nobby, Cooks Hill and Dixon Park. Independents said they would work on a 50-50 funding deal with the state and federal governments to pay for the project. “The plan is to build a new surf lifesaving club every two years and focus on quality design and community consultations to get the best possible results at each location,” said Mayor Candidate. A group led by John Church said in a media statement. .. The program is supported by the Merewether and Newcastle clubs, which have sent representatives to launch. Anthony Tietze, Chief Training Officer and Director of Education at the Merewether Surf Life Saving Club, told Newcastle Herald that clubhouses are “obsolete.” “We are careful to be non-political, but whoever comes with us and provides us with some help, we will work with them,” he said. .. “The clubhouse has exceeded its design life. The roof has leaked, it lacks the features needed for modern construction, and most importantly, access to the ground floor has not been disabled.” Embarrassing is. Mr. Titze said the club had devised a plan for a new, slightly larger building, but the council would not allow the submission of development applications until the coastal management plan was completed. We’re actually putting together a very good set of documents, “he said. “We’ve been working hard on it. I think I’ve checked all the boxes in the DA submission. It looks like I can’t get over that glitch.” They’re doing some due diligence. They’re doing some due diligence. Burned his finger on Cooks Hill. It’s too low. There’s a lot of bad blood there and they just don’t want to see it happen again. “I have some sympathy. But I don’t understand why I can’t submit a DA. Tietze said the clubhouse’s public toilets were “pathetic” and embarrassing when Surfacet came to town. “For a while, the shovel is ready.” “We need to be aware of the effects of climate change and rising sea levels, but it’s time to solve these problems and get to work,” he said. rice field. “There is an urgent need for a replacement, which some Newcastle Independents have promised for some Newcastle surf clubs,” Titze said. In cooperation with the surf club, “the heir’s income flow that provides more certainty around t”. “We know that more certainty is needed about leasing contracts with the council to allow clubs to plan their future financial viability,” Cr Church said. He said the Labor-led council was focusing on new projects at the expense of maintaining and renewing infrastructure such as surf clubs, sidewalks and inland pools. Independents defending a team of candidates in all four wards need help from other councilors to carry out election promises, including the abolition of the city’s special business rate. The election will take place on December 4th. In News Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the region to the community. To continue to access trusted content:


Council Elections: Newcastle Independent Launches $ 42 Million Plan to Replace Six Surf Clubs | Newcastle Herald

Source link Council Elections: Newcastle Independent Launches $ 42 Million Plan to Replace Six Surf Clubs | Newcastle Herald

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