Costi’s Seafood Launches New Online Store

Costi’s Seafood has just launched a new online store that cooks and packs fresh seafood from the market every morning and delivers it directly to consumer doors.

We have a wide selection of fresh, top quality seafood, including red shrimp, fish fillets, oysters, shrimp, sashimi platters, and ready-made meals such as seafood lasagna and fish pies.

A team of skilled chefs prepare daily ready-made meals online, led by industry veteran James Wallis. Wallis has over 18 years of experience as a chef, leading restaurants such as & Indu in Australia and cooking with Gordon Ramsay in the United Kingdom.

Family-owned Costi’s is a well-known and trusted name in the Australian food industry. Managing Director Steve Costy’s father opened a fish store in Lakemba in 1958, and Steve Costy’s Seafood opened his first store in 1985 at David Jones Food Hall on Market Street in Sydney. started.

He quickly gained a reputation for working directly with local fish stores to procure the highest quality and most diverse produce available in Sydney. Fast-forwarding for 36 years, Steve has more than 20 stores across Australia and is now his online seafood store.

For over 30 years Kosti It is synonymous with high quality, excellent service and excellence. As the launch of online stores evolves into the digital world, they continue to build on this spirit, enabling their produce to reach even more customers.

Costi’s Seafood Launches New Online Store

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