Cooks Hill boarders face homeless in four weeks on July 5th | Newcastle Herald

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Dozens of residents are facing homelessness, including the recovery of drug addicts, the elderly and the disabled, after a 29-day evacuation notice was issued at Cook’s Hill boarding house. Residents were notified on Monday by the owner that the Parkway Avenue building had to be vacated by July 5th and four weeks in advance as required by the boarding house rental agreement. The property was acquired by the Aspen Group last year and the building is old and completed in 1954 and requires extensive repairs. “The only safe way to do this is for tenants to vacate the site during construction,” Aspen said in a statement. “Since the development proposal notice was published on January 7, 2021, tenants have been aware of Aspen’s plans. For weeks from this date, the property has been notified. Regarding this issue:” Aspen has been aware of Aspen’s plans. We acknowledge that this can be a stressful time. Tenants. “A list of alternative accommodations has been provided to tenants and many tenants have already inspected these alternatives.” Aspen Will continue to work with real estate agent Street Property Newcastle to help tenants find suitable accommodation in the area. “But tenant Rodney Bowen said there was no consultation or effort to find a place for the resident to live.” I received a letter under the door, “he said. Bowen said he knew the plan when his housemate sniffed and found the development application after the rental sign was withdrawn, suspected that the repairs had not been completed. Bowen said the fierce housing market could allow residents to lose their homes in the middle of winter. A pension, a disability pension, or a student like me. ” “Couple are over 70 years old.” We live here because most of us can’t afford to pay more than we have already paid. “Some people have lived here for more than 10 years. They are devastated.” Barry Weston, 74, has been living in a boarding house since 1990, but has been living since 2002. He said it was sad that he had to leave. “I’ve been there as long as it’s my hometown,” he said. “There are good people here. We are like a big family. We always have people to talk to.” Bowen has lived in this property for two years. He arrived homeless and suffering from methamphetamine addiction. He said living in real estate helped organize his life. “I feel like I’ve finally got my life back on track,” he said. “There was a roof overhead. Thanks to a non-profit organization, I had food in my stomach. I survived. I was in a position to maintain it.” But now I’m talking to a university lecturer about the postponement. semester. My headspace is not the right place to pay attention to my research. He said this week’s experience caused some problems from his past. “It’s very embarrassing.” Aspen said it had 50 self-sufficient apartments offered at “near the cheapest rent available in Newcastle for a similar dormitory unit” upon completion. It was. News: The latest local news to the community where our journalists are working hard to provide. This allows you to continue to access trusted content.


Cooks Hill boarders face homeless in four weeks on July 5th | Newcastle Herald

Source link Cooks Hill boarders face homeless in four weeks on July 5th | Newcastle Herald

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