Connecting food supply chains through new data interchange

Charles Sturt University is one of a group of agricultural food stakeholders who founded the $ 4 million Australian AgriFood Data Exchange (AADE), a secure way to exchange information between organizations in agriculture and agribusiness. ..

AADE has the vision of creating interconnected data highways for Australia’s commercial food and agriculture value chain, with the goal of providing a digital platform that enables:

  • Allowed data exchange between industry participants
  • Timely access to information that supports value chain decision making
  • Standardization and consistency of industry data assets
  • Ability to adapt, incorporating new use cases for data exchange that provide participant value and support resilience
  • Increased industry data transparency to support multiple use cases (regulatory compliance, collaboration between public and private datasets, etc.).

The project was initiated by the Integrity Systems Company and KPMG and received the first $ 4 million in funding from the federal government, Meat & Livestock Australia, Charles Sturt, Food and Agribusiness Growth Center, Fisheries Research Development Corporation, the Victorian government and the federal government. Scientific Industry Research Organization (CSIRO), Government of Western Australia, Australian Wool Innovation.

Rick Willmot, Chief Operating Officer at Charles Sturt University, said AADE will enable fluid collaboration up and down the supply chain.

“By enabling efficient management and control of the data shared by data owners in the agricultural food industry, Australia’s AgriFood Data Exchange helps users derive value from their data,” he said. I did.

“Charles Sturt University is working with governments, industry and other partners to produce such meaningful and substantive outcomes for the Australian region.”

The staff at the Graham Center for Agricultural Innovation are working with KPMG to design part of the project.

The federal government’s investment in AADE is in direct alignment with the agriculture agenda by establishing a next-generation digital platform for data, said Agriculture Minister and David Littleproud in northern Australia.

“Market access to our products relies on a reliable supply chain and reliable compliance and quality assurance data that accompanies our products,” says Little Proud.

“This project is a way for the Australian Government to access and grow export revenues as it supports the Australian Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries industry and strives to reach and exceed the $ 100 billion farmer value target by 2030. Another example of. “

According to AADE Chairman Andrew Robb, data is the lifeblood of every industry.

“Australia’s AgriFood Data Exchange is a nation-building project that supports the growth and resilience of Australia’s agricultural food industry by building a secure and reliable framework for data shared across sectors,” Robb said. I am.

“This creates a transformational opportunity to innovate and supercharge Australia’s agriculture.”

Other supporters of AADE include the Government of New South Wales, Agriculture, Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, Australian Packaging Code Organization, Cotton Rural Research and Development Corporation, Elders Rural, Federal University, Cultivator Group Alliance, Australian Eggs. ..

For more information or to register your interest in joining Australia’s AgriFood Data Exchange, please visit:

Connecting food supply chains through new data interchange

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