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“Completely Preventable and Shocking”: Props Master Talks About Onset Shooting | Movies

Men tragic after Accidental death Cinematographer Harina Hutchins From the misfired weapons in the movie Rust’s New Mexico set, the role of stunt firearms in the movie and the prop department managing the maze of safety protocols are being scrutinized.

42-year-old Hutchins died and Joel Souza was hospitalized after the star and producer fired a prop gun. Alec Baldwin.. The exact sequence of events that led to Harina’s death is unknown, but police are investigating, but it seems to be far from a profession that appears to be protected by a safety net, from a gradual blank round to a digital effect. May accelerate the migration of.

A fatal accident in a movie set Very rare – There has been no accidental shooting since Brandon Lee was shot at close range by actor Michael Massee on Crow’s set in 1993. Movie and television crews usually look like real bullets, but are completely inactive. That is, it does not contain propellants. Inadequate checking means that live or empty cartridges (bullets without projectiles) that still contain gunpowder and primers may remain in the barrel.

In movies and television, prop weapons are under the jurisdiction of the arts department, especially the props (props) master. The Prop Master and his assistant process, clean, monitor, and inspect stunt weapons that are similar to, but not the same as, real guns. “We never use a real gun under any circumstances,” said Props Master, who worked on television and spoke to the Guardian on condition of anonymity. “However, in almost all cases, prop guns are forged from real guns. Blank-launched weapons have been modified to fire under safe and strict protocols. Properly done. If so, this process is really very safe. “

A guard was standing near the entrance to Bonanza Creek Ranch, and actor Alec Baldwin shot and killed the cinematographer, injuring him. Photo: Adria Malcolm / Reuters

Even pellet guns are controlled by strict protocols – checked by the assistant director and the actors who handle them, as well as the prop department. “There’s the whole chain, the processes, the protocols. It seems they didn’t or didn’t follow properly,” said the props clerk about the Rust accident.

The protocol includes checking prop guns before and after use, as well as choreography and prop reviews by all participants. After the take, the assistant director and prop master need to double-check that the magazine is empty and deleted. The prop gurus also check the barrel with each take to remove dust and debris. Blanks can even fire pebbles like projectiles. “There are a lot of checks and balances to prevent errors,” said Avengers: Endgame and other film assistant propmaster Nathan Alexander.

“When they roll, you’re listening, you count the number of times they fired, and you go in, take the gun off the actor, check it, and clear it after every take.” Said the anonymous prop master.

according to Email According to IATSE Local 44, a local film union branch, the prop gun that killed Hutchins included a “live single round.” The New Mexico crew, including the Props division, was not a member of the union negotiating the safety protocol for the movie set. Santa Fe police are still investigating the case and have not confirmed the union’s description of the case originally reported by Variety.

True, the presence of live rounds, such as rounds with projectiles (bullets), rarely violates basic safety standards. “Never, never, never, the projectile should never put it in a movie set,” Alexander said.

2017 Harina Hutchins
2017 Harina Hutchins. Photo: James Gourley / Variety / Shutterstock

For larger or more complex weapons (long guns, automated equipment), the studio and prop department is required by law to retain a firearms expert known as armorer. In recent years, studios have moved towards holding at least one armor for every scene, including prop firearms, to protect them from liability. “Culture prefers to bring an armorer whenever a gun fires,” said the props clerk.

Performers must follow the script, even if all set experts are compliant with all protocols. The anonymous props clerk recalled the case where a popular actor fired a blank bullet only twice when he wrote the script three times. When the props department went to get the gun back, “He shot the gun down to the ground. It’s inherently safe. No one was injured or injured. But , He unknowingly fired and everyone was surprised to see us. “

Due to the risks and annoying responsibilities of prop firearms, some works have completely abandoned such scenes and favored digital editing.Alexi Hawley, creator of the ABC cop drama The Rookie, told staff on Friday afternoon. Notes obtained by The Hollywood Reporter That “living” weapon (a prop with the ability to fire a projectile) will no longer be used in the set. Going forward, police procedurals will use airsoft guns that fire pellets instead of bullets and add a computer-generated muzzle flash to the post.

The prop master told Guardian that his current work, the television series, had decided to abandon plans for the shootout scene following a rust accident. “They took all possible precautions. They are a very responsible piece, and two people, not one armor, to handle all of these potentially chaotic things. “There was,” he said, but the work excluded blanks in favor of the rest of the digital effects of the show.

“That’s such a burden. The protocol is even tighter and, of course, more secure. So why not do everything digitally?” He said.

“The protocol makes this highly technical task safe and rational,” he later added by email. The death of the crew was “completely preventable and shocking. I sincerely believe that such a scene can be safely and safely carried out, anytime, every day, all over the world.”

“Completely Preventable and Shocking”: Props Master Talks About Onset Shooting | Movies

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