Commonwealth Labor Party members Tanya Plibersek and Michael Coutts-Trotter

Michael: Tanya’s first impression at college was that she was beautiful and very smart. She had a perspective on everything I found incredibly fascinating. Sounds happy, but I definitely fell in love with her on my first date. That night we lay down fairly chastely on the bed in the spare room of her brother’s apartment and talked all night.


I wanted her to know straight about my criminal record. I was more worried about how her parents would actually react, but they were noteworthy: welcomed and generous from the beginning. It was like saying that I like tea with milk without sugar. It was, “Well, you’ve been to jail, I’m fine.”

Tanya has kindness, warmth, and depth. I think she enjoys being a local member as much as a federal minister. She loves the chance to be able to do something useful for people. There were a lot of older people living near us and she was blocked and she was preparing food for her neighbors. No matter where we live, she is a woman in a wide-brimmed hat, watering the roadside trees to stay alive during the drought. She is the first to rush to a seemingly confused tourist struggling with a map of Sydney.

Tanya loves cooking. I like washing. It’s actually the most perfect yin and yang. I am passionate about cleanliness, but I learned from her to welcome a bit of confusion and confusion into my life. People always stop by. Children’s friends stay overnight. When Tanya is here, it’s home. A little less than home when she isn’t there, but she’s good at projecting herself to her family wherever she is.

When she goes to work, she talks to each of the children at least several times a day. She is involved even when she isn’t here because she knows the details of what’s happening in their lives.

“When Tanya is here, it’s home. It’s a little less than home when she’s not, but she’s good at projecting herself to her family.”


In Tanya, what you see is what you get. How she is on TV is how she stays at home. She is thoughtful, clear and organized. She never loses her composure in the discussion. I’m disorganized and messy, and she looks like Zen. It’s absolutely annoying.

She met me after I got out of jail. She had nothing to do with that part of my life, but people criticized her personality because she was with me and used it to attack her on social media bottom. I think it’s like an obstacle to her career, but there’s a lot of goodwill from those who find out that I’m married to Tanya.

It has been a great advantage for me for many years. I’m always very proud of her. Do you want her to be prime minister someday? Yes! Working as a civil servant, I have met many politicians, who are generally very motivated, diligent and compassionate. But I think Tanya is extraordinary. She is the smartest person I know and has the soundest judgment. She is real So I want to see her go to the lodge.

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Commonwealth Labor Party members Tanya Plibersek and Michael Coutts-Trotter

Source link Commonwealth Labor Party members Tanya Plibersek and Michael Coutts-Trotter

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